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This is a collection of GREAT THINGS you might not know about Windward Software and the solutions we provide our clients.

  • We have been in business since 1984
  • We have an  A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau
  • We offer 24×7 technical support to our customer
  • We are a certified Microsoft Partner with a Gold Application Development Competency
  • We have sold over 4000 clients in 37 countries
  • There are Windward Software installations in all 50 states
  • There are Windward Software installations in every Province and Territory in Canada
  • We have won a best software development company award for 3 years in a row.
  • After implementing our solution, we ask our clients how we did.  Our average rating is grade A
  • There are over 10,000 Windward stations in operation worldwide processing over 1.5 billion in sales
  • We have internal certification programs for our employees to provide you with the highest level of service
  • Our enterprise Windows software, Windward System Five started development in 1998
  • We do business without three year contracts and you own and control your data and software licensing
  • Our Windward Software solutions are PCI certified (Payment Card Industry)
  • Windward System Five is BIR accredited (Bureau of Internal Revenue)
  • Any support call the first 5 minutes are complimentary
  • Our clients include Canadian and US Universities as well as the US Government
  • Our head office is located in Penticton, BC in a relatively disaster free area of Canada (No hurricanes, earthquakes, flooding, tornadoes or tsunami disasters)
  • We have a second office located in Cebu, Philippines that allows us to offer extended support hours for our Australia and Asia clients
  • Our office in Chicago, IL allows us to offer workshops closer to our Central and Eastern clients.
  • We have over 100 people helping to build, maintain and service our clients
  • There are over 250 years of Windward Software brain trust in our employees to help you succeed
  • We support our customers even running older and legacy versions of our solutions
  • We have invested in an in-house training facility and offer workshops and user conferences regularly
  • We have over 1500 training videos and 3400 pages of documentation available
  • Our solutions have 39 years of financial data stored with reprint ability and reporting back to year one.
  • We have business experience in several sectors to help make you succeed (Computer, Lawn and Garden, Lighting and Furniture Showrooms, Liquor Stores, Sporting Goods, Hardware, Rental, Outdoor Power, Powersport, Marine Equipment and the Medical Industry as well as other retail and wholesale businesses)

Our tagline is “We help you run your business, instead of just reporting on it”.  Call us toll free at 1(800)-663-5750 to have a business conversation about how we might be able to help you.

We have Windward Software clients in every State, Territory and Province in US and Canada.

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