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Windward Software created Windward System Five in 1984. Since then we have been committed to continuously improving our product by developing features and functionality for our core industries.

Q2 - 2020 System Five Enhancements

Summary of Areas Changed


Required Orders


Health Billing


Grid Customization

Device Support

Below you will find a write-up about some of the most significant enhancements. For those of you that prefer to browse all of the fixes and enhancements in the same place, try the raw Release notes, which you can access by clicking the button below.

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REQUIRED_ORDERS_48Required Orders

The department box is now a drop-down checkbox. You can right-click on it to select all.

The Option has been added to exclude backorders on Layaways and/or work orders.

There is also an option to ignore old backorders based on settings selected.


Price Schedule Exceptions can now be applied to Rental Rates by Category using the following options in the setup wizard:

  • Option 1 :(default and is what currently exists)  If you add a category price schedule exception to a customer, the category price schedule exception is only for the Sales of Rental items.
  • Option 2: category price schedules for Rental categories will only
    apply to the rental of the items, not the selling of the items.
  • Option 3: category price schedules for Rental categories will apply to both the rental and the sale of rental items. Point of sales and Renew Rental Report use price schedule exceptions to calculate accurate prices.
Price Schedule Exception Tab has 2 columns one for Supplier and one for Category.

HEALTH_BILLING_48Health Billing

A new option has been added to show health billing category totals. Totals will show at bottom of items depending on what columns are shown in the invoice.

DOCLINK_ADD_48Document Management

document-button-enhancement-fullscreen (1).e796de60This enhancement is perfect for clerks who frequently upload or scan necessary handwritten documents and/or photos into an invoice. The new documents button gives quick access to relevant documents and reduces the number of clicks needed to accomplish the task of uploading documents.

FORMS_48Grid Customization

Freeform Fields

Anyone looking to have more information available for reference when invoicing, more specifically those needing a snapshot of the customer's purchase history will find this enhancement handy.

The fields are in free format so you can customize any type of information you would like to add (e.g.Color, Formula, or Room in this example for a paint store)

This information can now be easily viewed on the Invoice, within the customer record on the Purchase Tab as well as in the Invoice Report.

freeform-columns-enhancement-invoice (2).e796de60
freeform-columns-enhancement-purchases-tab (1).e796de60
Supplier Fields

For those of you that use Just-in-Time purchasing models, we've made it easier to view suppliers within the invoice grid.

You can gain visibility to Supplier/Vendor when Customer/Contractors are placing their orders.

Just customize your invoice grid to include the supplier information.

supplier-column-enhancement-invoice (1).e796de60
supplier-column-enhancement-purchases-tab (1).e796de60

DATACOLLECTOR_48Device Supportverifone-p400

As devices rotate out of production, Windward has been doing work to  maintain a list of devices that are currently available and tested to work for each product category. Verifone P400 is now available for use with our Monaris and Worldpay integrations. More devices are to be released soon.


Update to 6.2.4.x

Customers are required to be on an active Windward Maintenance Contract or a Windward System Five on Cloud subscriber to install or receive product updates.  The Windward Maintenance Contract is a standard annual business expense for all Windward System Five users.  Windward Software is in business to support your business, and this plan allows us to bring value to you when you need us most. 


We put together this top-three video to explain what's included.

We've covered many of the main points in this video, but you can find out more on the Windward Maintenance Contract site.

Request to Renew Maintenance Contract

See the screenshots in full detail below.


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