New Feature Round-up

Q3 - 2020 System Five Enhancements

Summary of Areas Changed

enhancements-q3-2020Tap Payments

Purchase Order Search

Supplier Fields

XO Logic



Below you will find a write-up about some of the most significant enhancements. For those of you who prefer to browse all of the fixes and enhancements in the same place, try the raw Release notes, which you can access by clicking the button below.

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BANKCARD_48Tap Payment Increase

Contactless payments are safer... so we've adjusted the tap limit in Windward System Five to coincide with your credit processor.

Payments of up to $150 can be made without pin entry, making your pin-pads safer for your customers to use and more sanitary for your employees.


PO_SHOW_48Purchase Order Search

Enhanced Purchase Order search functionality to include freeform comment filters.freeform-po-search

Example: You may tag a certain PO with a job site, reference number, or other useful info to track why the PO exists or where the product is headed.

SUPPLIER_48Supplier Fields

Customer Screen, and Purchases Tab, can now be sorted by supplier name by clicking on the column header.  This makes it easier to find past purchases for customer service reasons, warranty receipt lookup, additional sales, etc. 

Example: Garden Center- I bought this plant last year and want to buy it again... I remember it was from Monrovia. You sort their purchases by Monrovia and limit to the plants that they bought last year to add a new one to their invoice for this purchase.

Example: Lighting Showroom- I need a matching flush mount for a Quizel wall sconce I bought 3 years ago. You sort by Quoizel and 


XO Lights Currency Support: The XO Lights data feed doesn't support a currency value. With this enhancement Data coming from a US vendor may be imported into System Five as Canadian currency regardless of the currency set to the Supplier. By using the default currency set against the Supplier when creating the part in System Five, data in the Virtual Warehouse is now kept in the currency of the Supplier, while you can make sales and report in your native currency.

This enhancement requires the Multi-currency Module to be enabled.

REPORT_48Invoice Report

The Invoice Report has been modified to include the following details: If a check is received as a payment either under the original invoice tender or as ROA the check number and date received are published as a column with the invoice. ROA payment amount, the tender type, and date are published as a column of data with the corresponding invoice to show a correlation between a payment made and the invoice paid. Note, while ROA is a type of invoice that can be published, this is another line of data and the client is requesting this to be a column beside the invoice paid. invoice-report-show-payment-details-option



System Five enhancement to include an option to post invoice discounts for rental items to a Cost of Goods Sold. This is an alternative to the behavior of invoice discounts reducing the posting to Income. Please consult with your accountant on best practices.

Update to 6.2.4.x

Customers are required to be on an active Windward Maintenance Contract or a Windward System Five on Cloud subscriber to install or receive product updates.  The Windward Maintenance Contract is a standard annual business expense for all Windward System Five users.  Windward Software is in business to support your business, and this plan allows us to bring value to you when you need us most. 

We put together this top three video to explain what's included.

We've covered many of the main points in this video, but you can find out more on the Windward Maintenance Contract site.

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