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Q3- 2022 System Five Enhancements

Summary of Areas Changed

Windward System Five Enhancements Q3-2022



Advanced Inventory Control


And More

In Q3 our Development team deployed over 35 fixes and enhancements.

Below you will find a write-up about some of the most significant enhancements.Check out more enhancements  and fixes in the Release Notes

Significant work was done to get ready for upcoming changes by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council

Over the last couple of years, we have moved to a "tokenization" model for card processing, where the actual card number never touches the software. All of our integrated cloud customers already have the option to use tokenization, but there is a large group of customers on the legacy tech stack who will need to migrate over. The PCI Security Standards Council is now retiring the old method of integration.

This work will appear in a future release coming in October.

Information regarding this change can be found at:

 REFRESH_48WooCommerce Inventory Sync

inventory record with brand field highlightedA new option has been added to WooCommerce Sync Inventory allowing the System Five "Brand name" field to be sent to Woo Inventory as a global attribute.

The new option configuration requires the Woo Id of the related, existing global attribute to be populated.

Why would you use this?

Sending Brand Names up to your site helps with customer brand recall and Search Engine Optimization.


The System Five AVB LINQ integration has been enhanced to allow an additional degree of control of what information gets passed onto the Inventory record from the Virtual Warehouse Catalog. This also allows for a combination of ways to match Inventory records to Virtual Warehouse records.

Summary of the changes that have been made to the AVB Integration:

  • Added a button to Manually update inventory records in System Five with the virtual warehouse data
  • Select which System Five fields in the inventory to update from the virtual warehouse including:
    • list price
    • retail
    • cost
    • description
    • brand
  • Price schedule mapping was added for the virtual warehouse List and Retail values
  • Matching criteria for finding inventory records from the Virtual Warehouse were added avb product matching and mapping options displayed in rotation
Why would you use this?
If you are a BrandSource or MEGA Group (Canada) Member the AVB LINQ integration to Windward System Five enables synchronization between your website and in-store data. Learn More at

WMSLOC_VIEW_48Advanced Inventory Control

The following areas are now fully functional with the Combined Inventory option:

  • Location Maintenance
  • Location Defaults
  • Location Pick Priorities for the Point of Sale
  • Location Put Away Priorities for the Purchase Order Receiving

NOTE: AIC Locations should NOT in Best Practice be used with Combined Inventory 

CAMERA_48WooCommerce Images

Image ID Mapping for WooCommerce has been added to allow for the addition of more images to a product after the fact as well.

Improved verification that the images sent to Woo were successfully added by the site's back end.

ECOMM_48WooCommerce Meta Data

A new option has been added to the Windward Connector for WooCommerce Solution so when enabled add-on lines can be added (ex. delivery, installation…) to imported WooCommerce orders based on the presence of specific metadata items added to WooCommerce through custom development.

Note: This feature does nothing without 3rd party logic added to the WooCommerce site. It should only be enabled if this work is done by the customer or their web developer in the WooCommerce site.

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Now it's easier than ever to Update to 6.2.4.x 

Windward has recently added a self-service updater for customers on version or higher.

Visit this support article for how to apply your easy updates.

Work continues to simplify the process even further.

Customers are required to be on an active Windward Maintenance Contract or a Windward System Five on Cloud subscriber to install or receive product updates.  The Windward Maintenance Contract is a standard annual business expense for all Windward System Five users.  Windward Software is in business to support your business, and this plan allows us to bring value to you when you need us most. We've put together this top-three video to explain what's included.

We've covered many of the main points in this video, but you can find out more on the Windward Maintenance Contract site.

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