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Windward Software created Windward System Five in 1984. Since then we have been committed to continuously improving our product by developing features and functionality for our core industries.

Q4- 2020 System Five Enhancements

Summary of Areas Changed

enhancements-q4-2020Delivery Calendar/ Task Management


Email from System Five

Work Order Subtype Automation

Sell Thru Allowances

Device Support

Below you will find a write-up about some of the most significant enhancements. For those of you that prefer to browse all of the fixes and enhancements in the same place, try the raw Release notes, which you can access by clicking the button below.

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UNITSEMI_48Delivery Calendar/ Task Management

You can now link a delivery to a purchase order, this allows companies that pickup stock to include stock pickups on a driver's delivery route. This is completed by the following System 5 changes:

  1. Adding a deliveries tab to the P.O. screen similar to the invoice delivery tab. This allows the receiver to schedule a driver to pick up an item.
  2. The delivery task screen displays details relating to a supplier P.O. similar to the Invoice option in the delivery task.
  3. Pickup information will be shown on the “Print Selected Date Range - List Format with Detail” driver report.

Purchase Order Delivery Tab, Pickup Task Example with Printed Delivery Driver Paperwork

Here's a practical application of this: You cut a PO to your supplier, but have to go pick the product up, this can be scheduled prior to delivery, service to a customer's unit, or to fulfill a backorder or staple stock.

Task management example: You set a task on Thursday to double-check the INVOICE that came in for this PO against the cost on the line items.


Serial Number Consolidation on Printed Forms.  We added an option on the Invoice Print Out to Consolidate Serialized Rental Items.  This is intended to save form space and make an invoice easier to read, especially when the in/out times are the same for multiple serialized items.

Serial number options for rental input selections Serial number options for rental output example


EMAIL_48Email from System Five

Email requirements have changed and Microsoft has moved its online services to TLS 1.2 (Transport Layer Security) TLS 1.2+ to provide best-in-class encryption. Emailing from System 5 will now use TLS 1.2 encryption when configured to use SSL. 

See this in action using Windward System Five on Cloud in the video to the right.

Windward System Five on Cloud - Launching Excel and Outlook on Your Local Workstation


Windward System Five on Cloud - Launching Excel and Outlook on Your Local Workstation

IW_48Work Order Subtype Automation

Invoice subtype automation settings.  Increased from 2-5 subtype automationsSystem Five currently offers a function to change the sub-type of a work order automatically if all special ordered items on the work order have been received. This existing feature is added two additional sets of rules that operate in the same manner as the two existing rules. This enhancement provides the user four variations of “From Sub-type” and “To sub-type” ruling in which, the user has to maintain. 

A practical application of this enhancement would be an invoice being flagged as "Ready to Ship" upon receipt of all items for that order.

STA_48Sell Thru Allowances

The STA Detailed Billing using AR Invoices has been enhanced to include the retail price after STA discount is applied to a sold item in the “Line Description” that is delimited by a semicolon.

This change is important due to some vendors having altered reporting requirements for Sell Through Allowances. Whirlpool Corporation is an example of a vendor that has made this change.


DATACOLLECTOR_48Device Support

Support has been added for NETePay Hosted. NETePay Hosted is a Datacap payment gateway into most of the other processors. This change gives flexibility because you as the merchant can change processors without having to update NETePay, lose tokens or change hardware.

Support has been added for Ingenico Lane 7000 and Ingenico Lane 3000 devices for the following:

    • Chase
    • Heartland
    • TSYS
    • WorldPay
    • Datacap
    • EVO
    • Global Payments
    • First Data
    • Electronic Payments

Update to 6.2.4.x 

You need to be on an active Windward Maintenance Contract or a Windward System Five on Cloud subscriber to install or receive product updates.  The Windward Maintenance Contract is a standard annual business expense for all Windward System Five users.  Windward Software is in business to support your business, and this plan allows us to bring value to you when you need us most. 


We put together this top three video to explain what's included.

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