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It's no secret that the success of a business lays in that area between the cost of business and the amount of sales. That 'margin' has always been subject to free market variables that cap what you can charge for a product or service. Business owners are used to looking at the costs of business to determine where they can make savings. Sometimes it will cost money to save money, like a bulk purchase or software upgrade. Other times the savings are more direct and accessible like changing phone provider or other services. I recently attended a workshop where the people at Green Step provided a compelling case for costs savings based on energy consumption. Green Step helps businesses learn about the energy use patterns and how they can save on them. I encourage you to read their 'Clients' page and especially how they helped Sysco in Kelowna BC engage their workforce to save money; i.e. become more profitable. In British Columbia the provincial government has a program called LiveSmart BC. Part of this program is directed at Small Business. You may wish to check your Province or State to see if you have a similar program or read the BC link to see if there are things you can do on your own. BC's electrical provider, BC Hydro, has some great tips for businesses on their website. Most notably they have comprehensive sections on: Lighting, Heating & Cooling, Office Equipment & Supplies, Refrigeration, Waste & Recycling, Food & Health and creating a Conservation Culture. See Green Step is a remarkably well named company of consultants. Many companies look all over for cost savings, maybe you already took the HR step, or the software step. I liked the people representing Green Step because they were business minded and confident greening businesses was as step in the right direction. Their many examples present a compelling case too.

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