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The word 'INTEGRATED' means to bring together as a whole - the implication is a functional whole, not just parts. Like the lawn mower pictured here, you could have all the separate parts gathered together in one large box. Yes everything is there, integrated into a box, but it doesn't work. A perfect analogy for a computer box! Often, when we talk to business owners, we hear they have an accounting program, and they have some inventory control, and they buy a service for this or that like customer contact and promotions; they have a bunch or parts in a box. 'INTEGRATED' hardly describes how powerful a tool System Five is and how perfectly suited it is to Outdoor Power Sports, Equipment and RV dealers' needs. There is POWER in all the information Windward Systems puts at your fingers. For instance, Partsmart™ integration offers parts look up diagrams for major brands, our EDN interface which allows you to send orders to your supplier via the internet. There's also serial number / unit tracking Inventory control, seasonal order levels and Floor plan tracking just to name a few great features that help you run your business. Even the usual information you'd expect to find in a POS system is incredibly easy to tap into. Everything is trackable and reportable; labor, warranty and a variety of different repair histories. We've worked with our customers to provide the best solutions for: quote & estimate tracking, special orders and a truly integrated shop management system. Do you want real time reports on slow and fast moving parts sales? No problem. How about automatic purchase order creation based on sales history? How about customer tracking and purchase history so you can customize promotions? It's all there in System Five because we work with people like you, business owners who want to do more than sit in the back office trying to figure things out. At Windward Software, we help you run your business, not just report on it. Our 'flagship' building behind the box; providing business solutions in 35 countries.

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