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There seems to be only two ways to deal with winterizing your RV; either head south and forget winterizing or get some good advice and/or service from your local RV expert about how your RV can survive the winter. As with everything, there are dozens of websites where you can find a list of things to do to protect your RV's plumbing, electrical, shell and stop pesky rodents. The popularity of RV'ing is simple to understand and the many ways to enjoy RV'ing are incredible. From tent trailer to diesel pusher, from renting to owning, in the rough or as luxurious as you can afford, RV'ing can be a one-time adventure or a way of life. In many ways an RV dealer is a lifestyle consultant so make sure you take the time to get to know them and their services. Many states and provinces have RV dealers associations. In Canada the national body, the RVDA represents the provincial associations, like the RVDA of BC. See and Industry associations can help RV vendors and customers meet. The great thing about dealer associations is they offer some piece of mind to potential clients - they offer a level of trust. RV Dealers who belong to their industry organization are saying they follow a certain code of ethics for sales and service. On the subject of service, in the Okanagan Valley of BC we are fortunate to have one of the best Recreational Vehicle Technician Apprenticeship Programs anywhere! Graduates of this program get jobs throughout Canada because they know there stuff. In keeping with RV'ing as a lifestyle, Okanagan College also hosts an annual RV Owners lifestyle Seminar. Check it out at While on that page, click on the button that shows what RV techs learn in their extensive 28 week program; including comprehensive winterization training. Windward Software System Five is especially designed for merchants in the RV and Outdoor Power and Sports Equipment business. Call us, we'll show you how quickly and easily System Five can help you run your business.

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