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Kevin Schpeeder "Race Across Penticton" (RAP)

In a death defying attempt to set a land speed record from Home to Work, our esteemed colleague Kevin Schilter demonstrated much poise as his failed attempt was worthy of notice not only by the local constabulary but, owing to Kevin eventually pulling over across the street from work, his fine form and effervescent full face blush was witnessed by many a staff member. As we all know, Kevin takes these record attempts quite seriously, he has to pass safely through two school zones so a lot of time has to be made up before and after those zones. "RAP isn't for amateurs," Kevin is often heard to say, "it's for highly self trained specialists like myself." Kevin's previous attempts have never garnered so much attention from staff or 'officials' so he was rather surprised by both. Staff members waved and tapped on the glass as Kevin received his record of accomplishment from the attending officer. One staff member went outside and overheard a small portion of Kevin's acceptance speech. Apparently the Officer said, "Do you realize you were going over 100 kilometers an hour?" To which Kevin cooly replied, "Why that's impossible officer, I've only been driving for about 5 minutes."

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