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Using Memberships in your business?

Do you currently use membership programs in your business? Or perhaps you're looking to incorporate this great option. Offering your clients a membership can have many benefits for your business. By creating a membership or loyalty program you can work towards building strong brand loyalty with your clients. Perhaps your loyalty program offers members a discount, or special pricing, or other savings, or maybe it is limited to friends or family for example, or depending on your business maybe a membership just grants access to a specific area or activity. Your membership program can be any number of things that you feel will benefit your business and so long as you believe it is a value-added feature for your consumers and your business. Regardless of your membership offerings, generally speaking the objective of any such program is to engage higher levels of customer retention, often with the focus on your more profitable segments or consumers. This is done by providing some form of increased satisfaction and perceived value to your consumers. I feel that the businesses that use membership programs believe that if they are well executed programs, they should lead to additional usage of their company's product or service. Typically, those customers that are members of some loyalty program are generally more likely to be more committed to that company's products or service; thus creating stronger ties with your business! This is good news right?! In an increasingly competitive marketplace, maybe it makes sense to offer a members program in your business. It's obvious that your clients are being targeted by your competitors as well, so why not create a reason to eliminate the "fork in the road" in your customers decision making process? As consumers can be indecisive, you can help to influence them down the path of savings and loyalty with your business through your membership program. Windward Software offers compatibility for membership programs. The Membership feature in Windward System Five allows you to easily sell memberships to your customers at the Point of Sale to reward them accordingly. Windward Software also subsequently provides reporting features to keep track of active memberships and manage expiring memberships. Active, Expired, Warning and similar messages can even be configured to communicate to your customer via the invoice comment through the membership feature as well. Ultimately, as a business you should decided on your own if a loyalty program is worthwhile for you. Do you think your costs will be exceed by additional revenues? Meaning any additional revenue that may not have been attained if it were not for the membership/loyalty program you want to implement. As you are an entrepreneur you are also a consumer. Think about it, are you a member somewhere? Are you more loyal to that organization because of your membership? For more information, please visit or contact a Windward Software Representative at 1-800-663-5750 (Toll Free in North America) or call 1-250-492-8888 or By: Calum Lloyd

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