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Two questions to ask yourself; Why do people return to my business? How can I get people to return more often? Your customers come back because they perceived some value; it could be price, it could be service or something else positive you have cultured in your business. One of the ways to get people to people to return to your business is invite them back! A recent poll indicated that 57% of consumers feel more positive about companies that send them emails. As a matter of fact, 67% said they purchased products in store as a direct result of receiving email. One more little fact; commercial email in return $39.40 for every dollar spent in 2012. How do you take advantage of that business growth? Two ways; targeted email campaigns and on-line stores. Don't groan! Windward System Five makes it easy to integrate email on on-line sales with your existing database of information. That's right! Windward System Five has fully integrated  options that will allow you to conduct email campaigns and run and on line store without data re-entry of customer of product information. Plus you get Windward Software's support helping you. Think about how this example can be used for a product or service in your business. Advertise as you usually do or set up your Windward System Five to email all your clients that BBQ grills are on sale. When a customer comes in and buys a grill it starts an automated process. Upon arriving home there can be an email thanking them along with installation tips. 4 weeks later info on rotisserie accessories, 8 week later special on wood chip smoker, 12 weeks later cleaning tips with coupon, 16 weeks an invitation for beer can chicken class, etc. You can work it the same way for on-line sales too. 2012 consumer data in the US indicates spending of 194 billion up 16% (4.6% of all retail sales), and Equation Research found 87% of tablet users purchase during holidays. If you want to improve your business get on-line. Want more proof? In 2011, Cyber Monday caught Black Friday in sales. The world is increasingly going on-line. With Windward System Five you can easily be part of the new economy. The fully integrated on-line store has a lot of standard POS features. It allows you to create price schedules and contract pricing, wholesale or preferred customer pricing, you can QR code on label to take customer to store for more information. We've packed this product with features that will help you run your business.

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