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3 Ways Inventory Control Software Will Streamline Your Business Operations

Use software for Inventory control

Having reliable inventory control software will add efficiency to any operation in the retail and customer service sectors.

Being able to track your inventory through each stage of the supply chain is critical to the smooth and efficient operation of any retail operation. Having inventory control software that can achieve that while offering fully integrated POS capabilities is a powerful tool for any retail or customer service-based company.

Whether you're an outfit that's just getting big enough to need some automated procedures, or one that's set to open yet another branch of an already thriving operation, having robust inventory control software that's secure and packed with plenty of user-friendly features can streamline how your business runs. Here's how:

Because Business Happens in Real Time

Having last week's inventory figures doesn't really do you any good when you're staring at an out-of-stock sign on your shelf today. Being able to monitor your stock in real time gives you greater insight into when and how much stock you should order.

Products such as Windward System Five POS and Inventory Management Software produces reports that allow you to track and analyze all aspects of your operation at any given time. By knowing what's selling and what's not, you can easily:

  • Optimize inventory levels to offer the greatest selection and reduce overhead
  • Use promotional sales and other incentives to clear slower moving items
  • Avoid instances of low stock levels

Not only that, but every entry (ie. sale, return, transfer) made into the POS system instantly updates all the other modules.


One Big Happy Family

For operations with multiple outlets, managing stock levels without inventory control software would quickly unravel into a logistics nightmare. With it, not only will you know inventory levels at each location, you'll also be able to share the wealth, so to speak.

Let's say a store is out of a particular product. A quick query into the system reveals another store has the item available. Enter the transfer request and you will soon have a satisfied customer.

This inventory sharing function is also useful if one of your outlets has a surplus of a particular item.



Grows with Your Business

It would be a massive inconvenience if, every time your business expanded, you needed to upgrade your inventory control software. Programs like Windward System Five can easily keep pace with your growing company--in fact, they pride themselves on helping organizations reach the next level--whether you're introducing a new product, entering a new market or opening a new outlet.

There has traditionally been a fear around inventory software because earlier attempts were viewed as cumbersome and overly complex to use. Business owners and managers worried that any change to the operation--including company growth--would add another confusing 'wrinkle' to the process.

Windward System Five is among the industry leaders when it comes to system integration, offering the features and flexibility to evolve alongside your business.

Looking for fully integrated inventory control software that'll add efficiency and clarity to your business operations? Windward Software's POS and inventory management platform is designed to do exactly that. Call or email one of our friendly customer service representatives to learn more.

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