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Windward Gets Hands-on with Accounting and Inventory POS Software Workshop

Penticton training event offers immersive learning experience

 Windward POS Inventory Software May 2015 Workshop

PENTICTON, BC--Different people learn in different ways. Windward Software is well aware of that, and it's a big reason why they choose to host an accounting and inventory POS software workshop each year at their headquarters in Penticton.

It would be far easier and less expensive to organize an online webinar with the 19 attendees--some of whom are coming from as far away as Ontario--but according to Kevin Schilter, Windward'sDirector of Sales and Marketing, sometimes having an in-person, hands-on workshop yields the best results for their clients.

When it comes to learning, Schilter says people retain information better in certain settings and teaching styles. Whereas some students learn better using visual techniques--such as watching a demonstration--others thrive in an auditory environment like a classroom lecture. And then there are the ones that excel with a roll-up-your-sleeves, hands-on approach, which is largely what Windward Software's two-day workshop is all about.

"The world is going to the web and webinars," says Schilter, noting they've had clients travel from as far away as Bermuda to attend previous workshops. "There's still a segment of the population that likes to do things hands-on. This is why we do workshops--it just brings all those senses together. The best way to process it to use all your senses."

Plus, it's never a bad idea to host an event in the beautiful springtime setting of Penticton.

Day 1 of the event begins Thursday, May 7 with an accounting session covering:

  • Journal entries
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Integrity
  • Balancing sub ledgers to ledger
  • Suggested month/year-end procedures
  • Customized ledger reporting

The topic du jour for the Friday session is inventory POS Software, and will focus on features such as:

  • Using miscellaneous parts
  • Special order items
  • Optimizing inventory levels
  • Inventory adjustments
  • Physical inventory count
  • Inventory value

Schilter adds many clients, business owners in particular, are keen to learn more about the functions and features offered by Windward's inventory POS software. Next to the labour force, he says a company's inventory typically represents its second-largest asset. It makes sense that you'd want to be able to track and optimize it as much as possible.

Windward also adopts a similar mindset when it comes to training their own team members. Using some simple questionnaires, they can easily determine which learning methods--visual, auditory or kinesthetic (tactile)-- are best suited for their employees. They can then deliver the information accordingly.

"We share it with each other, so we keep it in mind when we're introducing new concepts," said Schilter. "It'll help the concepts stick."

Windward Software is hosting a similar workshop in Australian, in August.


About Windward Software:

Windward Software's retail POS software solution was established in 1984, and it has since grown into a multinational company with more than 4,000 client purchases in 37 countries. Windward's products are designed for the needs of independent retailers that require fast, easy-to-learn point-of-sales solutions with unique functionality in numerous industries. The company headquarters is based in Penticton, BC, Canada.

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