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5 Tips for Improving E-Commerce Using Integrated POS Solutions

E-commerce is an effective sales tool, but it's important to use the appropriate POS solutions.

E-commerce is an effective sales tool, but it's important to use the appropriate POS solutions to ensure proper functionality that'll benefit both you and your customers.

Having access to as wide a market as possible is important to every business. It doesn't get much wider than the Internet, and developing an e-commerce presence using POS solutions is a smart way to go.

Whether you're running a bricks-and-mortar storefront and are thinking of getting into online sales, or you're launching an online-only enterprise, here are some hints to help you boost your online sales and manage your e-commerce efficiently.

1. Seek fully integrated POS software

If you're a storeowner heading into the realm of online sales, it's important to have a program such as Windward Software's System Five platform to help you bridge the gap between storefront and Internet. There's no sense in running one program to handle your in-store processes, and then turning to a completely separate business management system for your e-commerce.

By integrating your online and in-store operations, you'll keep administrative costs to a minimum while maintaining control over your inventory and business operations.

2. Make online sales safe and easy

If your customers find it difficult to navigate your website and purchase your products online, you're not going to get much in the way of repeat business. Whether you sell 100 online products or 10,000, having customizable e-cart solutions will help ensure your ordering and payment procedures suit your business style, and more importantly, your customers' needs.

Utilizing POS solutions that protect your customers' personal data--as well as your own--is an essential part of the equation for building trust.

3. Make the most of real-time information

Being able to track your inventory in real-time is a huge benefit to business owners and managers. Using POS systems that offer this feature is a must in today's competitive business world.

Make sure the POS system software you choose has the ability to automatically update your entire inventory when an online purchase is made. Other handy features to look for include:

  • Automated email notifications for online sales
  • Automated pick lists for in-house staff to pull aside and package online orders for shipment

Having automated features such as this will eliminate the need to manually update your system, which will have time and increase productivity.

4. Offer a personalized customer experience

With advancements in POS system software, you can track the purchases made by clients and send them emails containing personalized offers based on their preferences. This is a great strategy for building customer loyalty.

5. Offer online-only incentives

If you're trying to develop an online presence, you can easily boost interest by offering sales not available in-store. Once customers realize this, they'll be more inclined to visit your website, increasing awareness of your online brand. 

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Are you looking to add e-commerce to your suite of POS solutions? Windward Software's WeCommerce provides control and flexibility over your online operations, while seamlessly integrating with Windward's System Five platform to provide a comprehensive business management tool. Call or email us to find out why it's a good fit for your business.

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