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POS Solutions: 3 Reasons to Consider Integrated Payroll

POS Solutions: 3 Reasons to Consider Integrated Payroll
Integrating payroll into your POS solutions will reduce the amount of time, money and resources your company allocates to doing it manually.

Managing payroll is an integral part of any retail business that employs staff. There are many programs out there that can handle this aspect of your operations, but some are more effective than others. By integrating payroll into your POS solutions, you'll streamline the process and save your company time and money. 

Many companies simply choose to 'get by' with their existing payroll program, but if your HR staff are constantly having to switch between programs for scheduling and other functions, they'll be less productive. Here are a few reasons why making the switch to a fully integrated business management program is the way to go.

1. Make life easier on your HR staff

Utilizing POS solutions that include integrated payroll as part of the backend accounting will simplify life for your office staff. Products such as Windward System Five have many automated features that make the process easy:

  • There's no need for additional software add-ons
  • Reports provide valuable feedback that helps you run your company more efficiently
  • It can handle direct deposits, cheques and ROIs
  • Eliminate the need for third-party providers

The reporting features of business management systems also allow office staff to investigate issues such as overtime and sick time. Reports also allow managers to better understand which employees are best suited for which jobs, improving the efficiency of resource allocation

Once set up, software packages like this automate many of the processes, which will free your payroll department to perform other duties. 

2. Happy employees = productive employees

Paying your employees on time, without error and in a convenient method (i.e. direct deposit) goes a long way in keeping a workforce happy. There are many little details that go into payroll, and many fully integrated systems incorporate reminders that'll help staff:

  • Release vacation pay
  • Issue a bonus
  • Update employee information

Payroll software that incorporates a scheduling function will also allow managers to organize time-off requests.

By managing your employees' needs and making the payroll and scheduling process clearer for all involved, you'll be improving job satisfaction and the overall morale of your workforce.

3. Reduce the chance of human error

While there are many modern methods for doing payroll and performing other forms of HR administration, many companies still choose to do it by hand. That might work for a company with just a few employees, but for larger workforces, this chews up a lot of time. 

No matter how experienced an office worker is at inputting payroll data manually, there'll always be a chance for human error. Plus, it's a drain on manpower compared to what an automated payroll system can provide.

If a mistake is made, it'll then have to be done twice, further lowering productivity. With an automated payroll system, the process is fast and accurate.

If you're company has expanded to the point where you're struggling to stay on top of payroll and other aspects of business management, read: Growing Company? Windward Software Will Grow with You. 

Do you need an effective alternative to a manual payroll system? Windward System Five software offers fully integrated POS solutions, including a payroll program that works seamlessly with scheduling and other backend accounting functions. Call or email us to learn how our program can streamline your approach to business management.


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