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How Firearms Store POS Software Allow Owners to Target and Track Sales

How Firearms Store POS Software Allow Owners to Target and Track Sales
Many gun store owners are turning to POS software to manage their business operations.

Operating a gun store in the US can be a lucrative business, but like any retail enterprise, it requires sound management to run one efficiently. With the additional requirements of the ATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives), many gun store owners have turned to integrated POS software to keep a handle on things.

One of the biggest challenges in the gun shop industry is ensuring compliance with government rules and regulations. Having POS systems that include a serial number tracking feature is a must. But there are many other ways a system such as this can streamline your operations. 

Satisfy the ATF (and Your Customers)

Buying a firearm in the US can be a lengthy procedure. POS software programs such as Windward System Five can cut down on the processing time by completing the eForm 4473 online. Once the customer fills in the necessary fields, your store’s Federal Firearms License (FFL) information is automatically included 

With a database that features serial tracking capabilities, you can easily deal with any ATF inquiries regarding the acquisition and disposition of firearms by entering the serial number to display the inventory record.

For your own records, you’ll also be able to track sales and current inventory by:

  • Make
  • Model
  • Serial number 

Streamline Your Service Department

Firearms servicing is as much a valuable customer service as it is a revenue generator. While gun sales likely represent the bulk of your business, after-sales care is important for retaining a happy repeat customer base.

Many POS solutions feature handy scheduling features that allow you to book appointments for gun cleaning and repairs. This has a number of benefits:

  • Keeps staff organized and appraised of what’s going on
  • Prevents overbooking and backlogs
  • Allows effective planning and employee scheduling
  • Tracks outstanding repair items
  • Documents previous service history for a particular firearm
  • Provides easy access to customer contact info

Stay on Top of Special Orders

Gun collectors are a particular lot, and they’re willing to spend substantial amounts of money to obtain rare or high-end firearms. An effective retail point of sale system will feature an easy-to-use special ordering system to provide stellar customer service.

Once a specialty item has been ordered from a vendor, the customer’s name and contact information will be documented and the receiving manager will be notified when it arrives. Not only does this keep the item from being sold to someone else, it ensures the customer will be notified quickly. 

POS system software can also be configured to require a deposit for special order items.

For firearms stores with multiple locations, you’ll be able to search each location for available stock before submitting a special order. 

If your gun store is on the verge of expansion, read our post: Growing Company? Windward Software Will Grow with You.

Looking for robust POS software to help you manage your firearms store? Windward System Five is one of the top point of sales systems on the market, and it features a customized platform for gun store owners. Call us to learn more.

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