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How Medical Equipment POS Software Can Improve Customer Relations

How Medical Equipment POS Software Can Improve Customer Relations
Many medical supply companies are experiencing enhanced customer relations thanks to POS software and the added efficiency it provides.

A medical equipment company is serious business. Offering the right products can affect peoples’ quality of life, and in some instances, it can even save lives. Business owners are utilizing POS software to manage their operations to keep their clients happier, and healthier. 

However, not only are fully integrated point of sale systems providing enhanced services to customers, they’re reducing operational costs as well, making it a win-win for everyone involved.

Here are a few examples of how POS software suites such as Windward System Five, which features a dedicated Medical Stores & Supplies Edition, can help improve your customer experience:

1. Equipment Rentals

Many times, medical equipment is only needed for a short period, which makes the rental business a tremendous revenue opportunity. Perhaps it’s an athlete who needs a pair of crutches while recovering from a sports-related injury. Or maybe someone is suffering from sleep apnea, but he wants to try out a CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) machine before he actually buys one. 

By offering rentals as part of your business plan, you’re providing one more service your existing clients will appreciate. If you’re not doing this already, there’s an opportunity to tap into a whole new market.

In order for a rental program to work, you need to track your inventory with precision. That includes knowing:

  • What’s in stock?
  • Which equipment has already been rented?
  • When these items will be due back?

Knowing this information ahead of time allows employees to coordinate future rentals while optimizing the overall use of the rentals. It also results in an enhanced customer experience, as they shop with confidence knowing the items they reserved will be available.

For examples of what to look for in a POS software package, read our post: 4 Tips for Choosing the Best POS System for a Rental Company.

2. Knowing What’s Covered

Many medical supply stores have frequent dealings with insurance companies and health benefit programs. A POS software system will help companies fulfill two fundamental services for consumers:

  1. Determine which equipment and supplies are covered, and to what extent
  2. Calculate a consumers’ portion owed on the required items

Not only does this simplify the process for the end user, it also speeds up the processing times when determining insurance coverage. 

3. In the system

Once a customer is entered into the account records, employees can easily look up their history of transactions and gain a better understanding of what they need. 

Plus, with ‘Authorizations Against Inventory for Coverage,’ you won’t have to call up the insurance provider to confirm every order. You’ll already have the limits and percentage of coverage available in their record.

4. Deliveries

Whether they’re injured or elderly, mobility might be an issue for some clients. Having their addresses recorded on their accounts is ideal for when deliveries are required as this information can easily be included in the delivery manifest.

Are you looking for POS software that’s designed specifically for the medical equipment industry? Windward System Five features a Medical Stores & Supplies Edition created specifically with this sector in mind. Call us to learn how this powerful program can streamline your business.

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