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How a Business Management System Can Optimize Your Workforce

How a Business Management System Can Optimize Your Workforce
One of the goals of any effective business management system is to keep your workforce focused and productive.

One of the main benefits of a professional business management system is that it’ll make your workforce more efficient. After all, the people who work for a company are its biggest asset. As such, you want to make sure they’re not only productive, but that they’re also taken care of.

There are a number of ways business management software can help you achieve these goals, which happen to be inherently linked. As the saying goes: happy workers are productive workers. 

Drag & Drop Scheduling

For small- and medium-sized companies, having a clearly laid out schedule is a must. It helps managers stay organized and lets them know who’s expected for a particular shift. Conversely, it keeps employees accountable, and lets them know what’s going on.

With a business management system such as Windward System Five, team leaders can easily create (and amend) schedules using a drag-and-drop format. Once employee profiles are uploaded, you can quickly create an easily understandable schedule with a few clicks of a button. 

Sales Commission Support

Employees whose salaries are based on a commission structure depend on a system than accurately reports their transactions. They work hard for those commissions (and other incentives), and they should be paid accordingly.

Companies such as Windward offer business management solutions to help track commissions, salesperson incentive funds (SPIFs) and other compensation plans for sales teams.  

Plus, if more than one employee helps with a particular transaction, it’s possible to split the commission to reward multiple contributors. In other instances, sales agents might be assigned specific clients, in which case the two can be linked.

Service Tracking

For service-oriented enterprises, the ability to track your workforce’s production is critical to running an efficient operation and maximizing profits. Two important aspects of this are:

  • Recording length of service times
  • Comparing those times with original estimates

An integrated business management system will allow you to reconcile the two, improving your ability to forecast staffing requirements with greater accuracy.

With the previously mentioned scheduling function, you’ll also be able to assign a specific employee to a given job, as well as track their individual productivity.

Many service-based businesses also require consumables and other material costs to carry out the work. The detailed tracking ability of business management software means you can itemize materials used for a specific job. By separating parts from labor, it allows a further breakdown on profit margins.

These types of systems also allow service technicians to stay organized by assigning labels to specific jobs. Some of the typical codes could include:

  • Urgent
  • Waiting for parts
  • Completed
  • Ready for invoicing 

You can even set reminders for employees to notify clients as soon as the work is registered as complete.

For more information on how to improve your operations, read our post: POS Solutions: 3 Reasons to Consider Integrated Payroll.

Are you looking to increase efficiencies in your workforce? Windward Software has developed a comprehensive business management system that’ll help you oversee all aspects of your operation. Call us to discover a more productive way of doing business.

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