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How a Dealer Management System Does the Heavy Lifting for Equipment Companies

How a Dealer Management System Does the Heavy Lifting for Equipment Companies
A dealer management system can help bring increased efficiency and productivity to large equipment retailers.

Selling heavy equipment is a competitive business. Compared to the automotive industry, sales volumes are typically lower, making the importance of each transaction that much more significant. That’s why many owners choose a dealer management system to optimize the performance of every aspect of their operation.

This type of industrial software is designed to help you run your large equipment dealership (or multiple dealerships) in a number of critical areas:

  • Inventory management
  • Shop management
  • Unit sales management
  • Customer relationship management
  • Backend accounting

Working for All Types of Industry

A dealer management system can be applied to pretty much any type of heavy equipment in any sector:

Agriculture: tractors, combines, implements

Logging: skidders, feller bunchers, loaders, harvesters

Mining: dump trucks, drills, bulldozers, draglines

Construction: cranes, excavators, skid steers

The list goes on.

Controlling Inventory

Due to their versatile nature, these business management systems can be configured to manage your specific type of inventory. Whether you deal in John Deere tractors or Caterpillar asphalt pavers, they’re all just part numbers to the database.

This provides you with the flexibility to build your inventory as you see fit. For any particular product or part, you can assign it a:

  • Description
  • Photo
  • Serial number
  • Barcode number

You can even set minimum and maximum stock levels to ensure you always have the right quantities on hand. This is particularly useful for dealerships with busy part stores and service shops.

For more examples on how parts departments benefit from inventory software, read our post: 4 Ways Small Business Inventory Software Helps Auto Parts Desks.

Treat Your Customers Like Friends

In the world of heavy equipment dealers, a lifelong customer is a big deal. Especially if those customers are people like:

  • General contractors
  • Developers
  • Project managers
  • Government agencies

When large companies land big contracts, they need equipment to see those jobs through to completion. If you’re able to do business with people in these positions, it can mean a steady revenue flow for your business, both in terms or sales and servicing.

A dealer management system features a number of customer relationship management tools that will allow you to follow up with existing customers to provide a personalized level of service. This can come in the form of:

  • Email newsletters
  • Servicing reminders
  • Special offers

Increase Sales

All of the above points are great, but if the industrial software you’re using isn’t leading to increased productivity and higher profit margins, then it doesn’t really matter.

What you’ll notice with a dealer management system is that all of these processes will start to act together to achieve the profitability you seek. The increased inventory control, improved customer relations and intelligent workflows all lead to a more efficient dealership and higher year-end returns.

And whether you operate multiple dealerships or a single one, these systems are scalable and customizable to match your operational needs.

To gain more control of the sales, parts and service operations at your dealership, call the industrial software experts at Windward. Our integrated dealer management system will help make your business more efficient and profitable.

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