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Multi Store POS: 3 Strategies to Effectively Manage Multiple Stores

Multi Store POS: 3 Strategies to Effectively Manage Multiple Stores
Multi store POS software features powerful inventory control functions that let you maintain healthy stock levels company-wide.

Managing multiple stores is a lot like juggling. When everything is in sync, you can put on quite the show for your customers. When it’s not, well, you get the idea. Many companies are finding that a multi store POS system gives them the tools they need to: 

  • Optimize inventory
  • Increase sales
  • Streamline business processes
To achieve this, there are things you can do to adjust the way you operate that will facilitate a more efficient way of doing business. Combined with the powerful features of POS software, you will soon notice improvement.


1. Make Your Stores Work Together

Some owners and managers view multiple stores as a burden. Yes, it does present some unique challenges, as you constantly have to monitor each location. From a different viewpoint, it also has several distinct advantages.

In terms of inventory control, operating multiple stores offers a degree of flexibility that you can’t achieve with a single location. For instance, if you are running low, or are completely out of stock at one location, you can lean on another branch to pick up the shortfall.

Let’s say a customer wants a certain product, but you don’t have it onsite. Rather than risk losing the sale, you can turn a potentially negative situation into a positive by either directing them to another store, or better yet, by transferring it to your location.

By encouraging collaboration between your stores, you can:

  • Maintain healthy inventory levels
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Increase company-wide sales
An integrated multi store POS system will facilitate this by making inventory transfers easy to perform and track. In addition to conducting quick stock searches at other stores, this software allows you to know your products whereabouts while they’re in transit.

For more on this, read our post: Why Inventory Control Software Is a Must for Multiple Locations.

2. Standardize Your Operating Procedures

Unifying the way you operate throughout your entire chain—whether you own two stores or 20—is an important component of brand identity. This commitment to conformity applies many different aspects, including: 

  • The level of customer service you provide
  • The way your stores look
  • The way transactions are processed
  • The types of products and services you sell
Consumers these days have come to expect a consistent shopping experience. If they walk into one of your stores, they should experience the same level of service they’d receive at any other location. 

Multi Store POS software is ideal for this because it can be rolled out in exactly the same way at every location to provide the consistency your customers demand.


3. Monitor All of Your Stores Closely

Left unsupervised, individual stores can quickly slip in terms of operating efficiency. This makes regular communication among your branches essential.

Fortunately, POS software lets you do this with ease, no matter where you happen to be. While regular site visits are important, you can also analyze your productivity by utilizing your software’s real-time reporting capabilities to identify your strengths and weaknesses

Do you need reliable ERP accounting software to help manage your business’s bottom line? Call one of our knowledgeable agents at Windward Software to discuss our fully integrated Windward System Five business management system. It features a powerful accounting module that provides an array of standard and customized reporting functions.

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