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4 Things Your POS Software Should Be Able to Do

4 Things Your POS Software Should Be Able to Do
Mobile point of sale devices are just one of the many features business owners are looking for in POS software programs.

POS software these days can come loaded with a dizzying array of features. Some are useful, some are not. Some make transactions at the checkout counter quick and painless. Others can make the sales process more complicated than it needs to be. So how do you know which point of sale software is the right one for you?

For starters, you want to make sure your retail POS is integrated with other components of your business management system, including:

  • Inventory
  • Accounting
  • Customer management
  • This helps you avoid running multiple software systems to oversee the various aspects of your operation. By running a singular platform, you can:
  • Improve workflow
  • Facilitate the sharing of information
  • Save time
  • Reduce data entry errors

But beyond that, there are a number of useful POS software features that will help you work more efficiently.

Sell Anywhere

For many retail operations, the idea of a centralized checkout area is becoming obsolete. This is due in large part to mobile POS systems. Armed with handheld devices, your staff members will be able to assist customers anywhere in the store. This has numerous benefits, including:

  • Instant stock checks
  • Provide additional product information
  • Effective line busting
  • Sell outside (garden centres, equipment lots)
  • Sell offsite (stadiums, trade fairs)

Accurate Inventory Counts

With integrated point of sale software, your inventory is adjusted in real-time thanks to barcode technology. From the time a product enters your database as a received item, to the time you sell it to a customer, you’ll always know what you have on hand.

If a customer can’t find a particular item on the shelf, a quick scan with a barcode reader will tell you if there’s more in the back, or whether you need to order one. In either case, you’re demonstrating to the customer that their business is important.

Credit Card Processing

Paying with plastic is the norm these days. If your retail POS doesn’t facilitate fast, convenient credit card transactions, your customers will notice. Similar to the Internet, people have come to expect lightning quick processing speeds when it comes to paying for goods.

And with a major push coming in the United States towards more secure chip-and-PIN card technology (as opposed to the traditional magnetic stripe), it would be worth your while to find a system that supports this enhanced functionality.

Signature Capture

If your retail business regularly requires customers to sign for goods on account, POS software with signature-capture technology:

  • Reduces paperwork
  • Creates legally binding documentation
  • Speeds up transaction times

Using this method, you’ll always have a record of who signed for what for added peace of mind. It also aids in reducing fraud.

If you’re a small business owner wondering about POS systems, read our post: Do You Need Point of Sale Software for Your Small Business?

Would your business benefit from POS software that’s fully integrated with your accounting and inventory systems? If so, then call Windward Software to learn about System Five, our comprehensive business management system.

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