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How ERP Software Can Get Your Team on the Same Page

How ERP Software Can Get Your Team on the Same Page
Integrated ERP software facilitates the flow of information between different departments in a company.

Many small-to-medium-size businesses operate using separate departments. Each one has its own specific functions and will often use different types of software to perform those duties. As a result of this compartmentalization, there can sometimes be a disconnect between divisions. Unless, of course, you happen to be using ERP software.

If you haven’t already switched to an ERP system, you’re missing out on an opportunity to maximize your workforce’s true potential. While it’s practical to group employees based on the roles they perform, there are significant efficiencies to be gained by having them operate using a single integrated software system (i.e. enterprise resource planning software).

The Challenge of Standalone Systems

You’ve gone out of your way to source the best available talent in their respective fields, including:

  • Accounting
  • Inventory control
  • Sales
  • Management

If you aren’t using ERP software, each one will likely be operating its own standalone program. For instance, your accountants will have some form of accounting software, your warehouse staff will work with inventory control software, and so on…

On the surface, using dedicated software probably makes a lot of sense because it allows individual departments to do their jobs. While it might work admirably on a divisional level, a lack of compatibility between different programs can contribute to operational inefficiencies such as:

  • Difficulties accessing and sharing information with other departments
  • Time wasted on redundant data entry
  • Increased risk of data entry errors

Strengthen Collaboration with One ERP Solution

When your individual departments and employees work in unison, it drives the growth of the entire company. By operating ERP software, it keeps all of your critical business data in one central location. This includes things like:

  • Financials
  • Inventory
  • Distribution
  • Human resources

Any employee with the proper authorization can access and enter information as required. Once the data is input, other departments and managers will be able to analyze the information by generating detailed, real-time reports and share them with other team members.

This can result in significant timesaving benefits, including fewer:

  • Update meetings
  • Email requests for information
  • Avoidable interruptions

Using Customer Information for Different Functions

Customers are critical to any business. Once their information is input into your ERP software—which usually happens at the point of sale—it’s there for every department to use. You can use it in many different ways:

  • Salespeople can look up past transactions
  • Warehouse can track customer orders using inventory software
  • Marketing can provide follow-up service for improved customer relationship management

If you’re looking for other ways to make your business more efficient, check out our post: 3 Ways Inventory Control Software Will Streamline the Way You Operate.

Are you looking for ways to communicate critical information more effectively between departments? Call Windward Software to learn how our integrated ERP software facilitates the information flow among team members and provides insightful reports so you can better understand your business performance.

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