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Switching to a New ERP System? 3 Things to Consider

Switching to a New ERP System? 3 Things to Consider
Switching to a new ERP system requires careful planning and implementation to ensure your workforce is onboard with the change.

So you’ve finally decided to switch to an integrated ERP System. You can already envision the time you’ll save by ditching the mishmash of standalone software programs you’ve been running. But before you begin predicting those quarterly revenue increases, there are a few obstacles you might have to overcome first.

Implementing ERP solutions doesn’t happen overnight. It requires careful planning to:

  • Choose the right type of software
  • Roll it out at the right time
  • Get staff members on board with new operating procedures

Here are a few tips that will help you with your transition.

1. Include Your Team Throughout the Process

People are creatures of habit. Once they become familiar with doing things a certain way, it’s difficult to break the routine. That includes the business processes your employees perform on a daily basis.

That’s why change of any kind in a business environment needs to be introduced carefully. Even if the current way of doing things is ineffective and time consuming, your employees might be resistant to a switch.

There are a number of things you can do to facilitate the transition to a new ERP system:

  • Give your employees plenty of warning that this change is happening
  • Include all departments in the planning process
  • Explain how a new ERP system will improve employee work life
  • Provide hands-on training to familiarize employees with the program
  • Offer ongoing training so employees use program to its potential

2. Choose the Right ERP Solutions

One of the great things about ERP software is its ability for customization. No two businesses have the same operational needs. And certain business types require specific software functionality to operate efficiently.

For example, a rental equipment company might need robust inventory management features such as:

  • Serial number tracking
  • Barcoding
  • Signature capture

To learn how inventory control can improve profitability, check out our post: 3 Inventory Management Tips for Better Bottom Line.

Other business types might not require all of these. Fortunately, many ERP systems allow you to tailor the software with the features you want. This prevents you from paying for modules you don’t need. A simpler system also makes it easier to train employees.

3. Play the Long Game

Choosing an ERP system isn’t a one-and-done process. Once it has been implemented—either through a local install or using SaaS (Software as a Service)—you are going to require ongoing support. That’s why it’s a good idea to find a software provider who:

  • Understands your industry and the operational challenges you face
  • Can help you design a system to suit your needs
  • Follows up with ongoing technical support

In other words, you want a software provider who can provide support beyond the purchasing process.

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