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How ERP Software Can Enhance Your Omnichannel Strategy

How ERP Software Can Enhance Your Omnichannel Strategy
Whether your customers shop online or in-store, ERP software gives them control of the transaction process for a personalized experience.

The goal of any omnichannel strategy should be to make the customer experience seamless. Many retailers are utilizing ERP software to achieve unity across various sales channels, which could include:

  • In-store
  • Online
  • Over the phone
  • Through mobile stores and apps

And this approach applies to each phase of the transaction, including:

  • Research
  • Purchasing
  • Returns
  • Pre-sale and after-sale service

By personalizing your consumers’ shopping experience with an ERP system, and by making it easy for them to obtain the products they want, you’re more likely to increase your rate of successful sales transactions, and improve customer loyalty.

Catering to Your Customers’ Buying Habits

There are many variables when a customer decides they want to purchase goods. Often, the manner in which transactions happen comes down to personal preference and circumstance:

  • Where is the purchase being made (in-store or online)?
  • What payment methods is being used?
  • Will they pick it up from your retail outlet?
  • Do they want it delivered? And where?

If your ERP software has the right features, it will enable you to cater to each customer’s specific needs.

Flexible Online Sales Options

With each passing year, more and more consumers are turning to the Internet to research and purchase products. As a retailer, it behooves you to facilitate this trend by making online shopping experiences as easy as possible.

For instance, once a customer makes a purchase online, one of the next considerations will be how do they intend to collect it:

  • Have it sent to their home address?
  • Have it sent to another address?
  • Pick it up at one of your store locations?

Let’s say a customer buys multiple items, but wants to sent to multiple addresses. With the proper configuration, advanced ERP systems—including cloud ERP—can handle that level of order complexity with ease.

Enhancing the In-store Experience

Anything that a consumer can do online should be available in-store as well. After all, that is the point of an omnichannel strategy.

So, if a customer walks into your store and wants to buy something, but instead of walking out with it, they request to have it shipped, make it happen. If it makes it easier for the customer, why wouldn’t you accommodate them?

A good example of this is a furniture store. If a customer wants to buy a couch, they’re not likely going to have the room in their vehicle to bring it home with them. Having it delivered is the logical option. However, even if they buy a desk lamp and want it shipped to their office, your goal should be to process the transaction (or any other special request) to their satisfaction.

To learn more about improving your customer relations, read: How POS Software Keeps Your Customers Happy.

Looking for cutting-edge ERP software to unify and execute your omnichannel marketing strategy? Call one of our expert consultants at Windward Software to learn why our fully integrated ERP system is the way to go.

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