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Business Management Software: Bolt-on Performance for Auto Repair Shops

Business Management Software: Bolt-on Performance for Auto Repair Shops
Integrated business management software gives auto repair shop owners the tools to manage their operations more effectively.

Just like a four-barrel carburetor can boost the performance of a 1970s muscle car, the right business management software can increase the output of an auto repair shop. And just like an impact gun or a floor jack, it’s become an essential tool for forward-thinking business owners who want to get the job done quickly and efficiently. 

From the time your customer walks in the door, to the time they leave with their vehicle, auto repair software enhances the level of service you provide through an all-in-one set of modules, including:

  • Customer-oriented point of sale software
  • Small business inventory software
  • Back-end accounting software
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) software

Here’s a closer look at some of the things that business management software does to make your business run smoothly.

Customer History

Maintenance and repairs are part of owning a vehicle, and most customers understand that. Yet, anytime someone has to bring their car in for servicing, it’s money they’d rather be spending elsewhere.

An integrated business management system gives you the ability to create individualized customer accounts detailing:

  • Contact information
  • Service history
  • Vehicle type

With this information, you can personalize the level of service you offer by reviewing work that’s already been done to:

  • Ensure there are no recurring problems
  • Troubleshoot other issues with the vehicle
  • Avoid performing the same work twice

For more about the benefits of CRM software in the auto repair business, read: 3 Ways Customer Relationship Management Software Helps Auto Repair Shops.

Pain-free Parts Ordering

With the customer’s vehicle make, year and model in your database, you’ll be able to quickly determine the required replacement parts when they bring it in for servicing. And if you don’t have a specific part in stock, you can use the small business inventory software module to track its whereabouts, whether you order it from:

  • Another branch
  • Warehouse
  • Supplier

That way, you can give accurate estimates for when the job will be complete.

Fleet Tracking

In some instances, it’s easier to track a job by the vehicle, rather than the customer. That holds especially true for commercial clients with fleet vehicles.

For example, if a commercial company owns a fleet of Ford E-Series courier vans and you have the contract to service them, you’ll need more than just the company name or vehicle description to monitor individual units. With the right business management software, you can track vehicles by:

  • License place number
  • Serial number
  • Vehicle mileage

Labor Tracking

Auto repair software isn’t just used to keep your customers happy. You can use it to monitor shop productivity. With any individual invoice, you can input:

  • Time billed
  • Mechanic name
  • Parts breakdown

This introduces an element of accountability into your workflow, while providing a detailed explanation of work performed.

Looking to rev up your repair shop productivity by upgrading your business management software? Windward System Five is an integrated program that features a specific module for auto repair software. Call us to learn more.

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