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Can Specialized Equipment Rental Management Software Increase Your Profits?

Can Specialized Equipment Rental Management Software Increase Your Profits?
Equipment rental management software simplifies your rental business and improves profits.

From point of sale to back-end accounting, automating your rental business processes with rental software has the potential to significantly improve your profits. Equipment rental management software allows you to control inventory and scheduling – meaning you can sign items in and out while fully keeping track of your inventory, avoid double-booking rental items, and see any potential upselling opportunities.

In addition, equipment rental management software that is fully integrated with your rental business software simplifies all of your invoicing and accounting processes.


Track Rental Histories

Windward’s rental business software features a recurring rentals application for repeat customers. Your repeat customers will appreciate the time saved when you have a complete record of their past and ongoing rentals at your fingertips and can quickly and easily process their orders.


See Upselling Opportunities

As well as enabling you to understand your customers and their needs better with the recurring rentals application, rental software makes it easy to organically suggest upselling opportunities. The software has the ability to automatically suggest and prompt your sales staff to offer any additional items that may benefit the customer. This can effortlessly increase your sales and generate additional revenue.


Automate Your Pricing

We find that before coming to Windward Software's Rental Management Software, our clients struggled with trying to accurately price their contracts.  Living in "excel hell" or worse, taking valuable face-time with clients punching numbers into a calculator is not exactly a recipe for timely accurate pricing or fantastic customer service. With our flexible pricing options based on time, quantities and specific customer types, you can ensure to make sure you are giving your clients the right price, fast!


Rental business software provides the ability to streamline your business and raise profits while improving the customer service experience. To learn more, see our past posts: 3 Accounting Software Features that Will Help Your Rental Company and 3 Ways Equipment Rental Management Software Will Save You Time. Learn More | Windward Rental Software 

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