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4 Ways Point of Sale Software Can Rev up Your Powersport Dealership

4 Ways Point of Sale Software Can Rev up Your Powersport Dealership
With the right features, point of sale software will help you manage your powersports dealership more efficiently.

The world of powersport dealerships is a competitive market. Due to this industry’s seasonal nature, it’s important to have versatile point of sale software that can keep up with the constant shift in merchandise and product trends. You also need a retail POS system that can cater to your customers’ needs to ensure:

  • Quick and efficient transactions
  • Instant availability to product information
  • Stellar after-sales support

Here are just a few examples of how the best POS system developers are helping the powersport industry excel.

1. Floor Planning for Success

Effective floor planning for high-value items is critical to the success of any powersport dealership. If you have too much product, or worse yet, too much of the wrong product, you could get buried in financing.

Some point of sale software systems feature built-in floor planning finance modules that can be set up inventory financing with:

  • Manufacturers
  • Distributors
  • Financial companies

With an optimized inventory, you can keep up with your financing obligations while ensuring a continual product turnover so that your inventory doesn’t stagnate.

2. Bring the Transaction to Your Customer

Powersport dealerships tend to be large by nature. In addition to your main product showroom, you’ll invariably have separate departments for:

  • Protective clothing and equipment
  • Parts
  • Accessories
  • Used equipment

Rather than have your customers wander all over the store searching for product, you can arm your sales staff with wireless devices that are compatible with your point of sale software. They let you:

  • Conduct transactions anywhere in your store
  • Look up product availability (in-store and at other branches)
  • Search for product information
  • Compare prices

This is an effective way of showing your customers that you care about their needs. To learn more about this, read our post: How Customer Relationship Management Software Helps Car Dealers.

3. Take Your Showroom Global

The best POS system is the one that offers Internet connectivity. If you’re looking to reach a wider market, one of the most effective ways to do that is with a website that offers e-commerce functionality. With an online store, you can easily display:

  • Product information
  • Prices
  • Promotional events

You can even use your website to drive foot traffic through your doors by offering in-store specials online.

4. Keep Your Customers Coming Back

Powersports is a niche industry where customers tend to be loyal to brand names. As a result, you stand a good chance of earning repeat business if you’re able to provide a superior level of after-sales service. A retail POS system does many things to help you achieve this, including:

  • Retaining customer account information for instant look-up
  • Sending email newsletters targeted to the customer’s buying preferences
  • Offering hassle-free warranty service on powersports equipment

For point of sale software that gives you complete control over your powersports dealership, talk to Windward Software. Our award-winning System Five platform provides solutions to the specific challenges faced by this industry.

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