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Anywhere, Anytime: Why Cloud ERP is a Great Business Management Tool

Anywhere, Anytime: Why Cloud ERP is a Great Business Management Tool
Cloud ERP is a great option for businesses that need to perform anytime, anywhere.

As the world of ERP solutions continues to evolve, many business owners are facing an intriguing dilemma: deciding between cloud ERP and the more traditional on-premise ERP. The former has become increasingly popular due to its ‘anytime, anywhere’ appeal.

Basically, if you have an Internet connection and a suitable device, you’re in business. For companies with mobile workforces or multiple locations, this is a major benefit because it lets you:

  • Remain productive wherever you are
  • Track your business processes from anywhere
  • Access real-time reporting features when offsite

What Is Cloud ERP?

Cloud-based ERP software (which is short for enterprise resource planning software) utilizes cloud-computing platforms to host the software application. Because a third party hosts this type of software, there’s no need to install and maintain hardware onsite.

In addition to providing easy remote access, Cloud-based ERP solutions don’t require a significant upfront investment like you’d find with an on-premise installation. Instead, the service tends to be billed as a subscription, sometimes referred to as Software as a Service (SaaS).

Enable Your Employees

One of the great benefits of using cloud-based ERP solutions is that you can use them to empower your entire workforce using a safe, secure platform. You get to determine the level of access they require to perform their duties efficiently.

Whether it’s a warehouse manager in need of powerful inventory control, or a buyer who’s on the road researching new product, cloud ERP offers the flexibility to perform anywhere.

Operate Securely

In the early days of cloud-based computing, security was a major concern among prospective buyers. This is completely understandable given the type of business critical information that companies would need to store on a server:

  • Financial data
  • Client information
  • Industry trade secrets
  • Employee information

For the most part, those fears have proven to be unwarranted, as these systems have proven themselves to be extremely reliable. The key to this is finding a reputable cloud software vendor with a proven track record for security.

Made with SMBs in Mind

Many small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) don’t have the financial freedom required to launch an on-premise ERP software system because it requires:

  • Significant upfront capital investment
  • Ongoing maintenance and updates
  • Onsite IT staff

Cloud ERP software gives SMBs many of the same competitive advantages as their larger competitors, without tying up capital.

Integrate Your Business Applications into a Single Platform

Cloud-based ERP solutions would be nowhere near as effective if they didn’t offer the ability to integrate your core business functions into a single platform. Fortunately, they do.

This supports the ‘anywhere, anytime’ advantage because each of your departments will have real-time access to the same central database of information, including:

  • Backend accounting
  • Point of sale
  • Market
  • Inventory

For more on this, read: Are Cloud-based ERP Solutions Worth Considering for Retail Stores?

If you’re trying to decide between cloud ERP and an on-premise installation, talk to Windward Software. We offer both options and will be happy to find the solution that best fits your business needs.

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