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Equipment Rental Management Software offers Tools for Success

Equipment Rental Management Software offers Tools for Success
Manage your in-and-out rentals, inventory, scheduling and more with equipment rental management software.

With trade show season in full bloom, there is one service industry that continues to see growth and that is equipment rental, otherwise known as plant-hire.

With all the rental industry has to offer, from leasing out machinery, tools, and even event supplies, it can be hard to keep track of all that needs to done to run a successful business. That’s where equipment rental management software is an invaluable tool.

A relatively new industry, equipment rental was first started in the U.K. around the Second World War. Operated as both a small family-run businesses as well as by international corporations, equipment rental is now a billion dollar industry worldwide and it continues to grow. 

With so much on the line, it’s important that everything in stock, including that earth moving excavator worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, is streamlined. 

With equipment rental management software, you can:

  • control and manage your inventory 
  • instantly see upselling avenues
  • rent or sell on the same invoice
  • automate your business from point of sale to back-end accounting

Here’s how it works

Keep track:

If you run a busy equipment rental, you likely have more tools than Bob the Builder and enough party rental supplies to cater Prince Harry’s wedding (if it ever happens). Equipment rental management software can offer an extra level of inventory management by tracking serial numbers, so you know where your product is at all times. 

Customized for customers:

Your staff will need to know what parts and accessories are needed when renting out certain pieces of equipment, i.e. a hardhat and safety goggles are usually necessary when you operate a chainsaw. Equipment rental management software can provide you and your clerks all the information needed on supplementary and accessory products. 

One bill for all: 

Save time on invoicing at point of sale by setting up customer accounts that have all the information at your fingertips. With equipment rental management software, you can tag and move shipped items from a work order to a final invoice when you need to make partial deliveries. You can also set up partial estimates that can lead to a sale and figure out if that discount you are negotiating with your customer will lead to a profit. And all the tax calculations are done automatically, so you can put that calculator away. 

Bookkeeping made easy:

From point of sale to payroll to bookkeeping, you need business management software that will do it all. For the back-office, ERP software for small business helps manage and automate functions such as inventory control, price book management, manufacturing and supply chain management, all of which can help your equipment rental business thrive.

For more information, read our blog on 3 Reasons why ERP Software is Right for Small Businesses on the Rise.

Windward Software offers simple tools for all your rental equipment management software needs. You can avoid double booking while keeping track of your in-and-our rentals and inventory with Windward System Five, an easy-to-learn solution.

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