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Dear John Deere: Dealer Management Software That Powers Equipment Sales

Dear John Deere: Dealer Management Software That Powers Equipment Sales
Farm your fields with dealer management software that specifically helps manage outdoor power equipment sales.

If you own property or a farm, then you know how much outdoor power equipment it takes to keep your lawn looking trim, your hedges manicured, your branches pruned, and your fields and roads ploughed.

You’ve likely had to either rent or buy from an outdoor power equipment business at one time, and have likely wondered how they keep track of their entire inventory. Well, there’s no secret to managing a successful and organized store. It’s actually easy with dealer management software.

By installing software that basically does all the heavy lifting for you, you can get back to helping your customers handle that new cordless chainsaw or that all-wheel drive riding lawn mower.

Here’s how:

Let the leaves blow in manageable piles:

Dealer management software allows you to manage your point of sale transactions at the register or through a touch screen with wireless scanning as well as manage your accounts and print detailed invoices, which are especially helpful when information needs to be stored and given about rental equipment. You can also process parts, service orders, and manage your inventory with a few clicks of the mouse.

Serial tracking doesn’t have to be a hack job:

A flexible dealer management system should allow for manageable inventory control. Easy-to-learn and use serial number tracking allows you to:

  • Manage stock levels
  • Track products through a supply chain
  • Manage warrantee procedures
  • Create purchase orders
  • Track work orders and repairs
  • Reduce fraud

Don’t let that motor burn out:

If equipment repairs are part of your outdoor power equipment service, you can keep track of any parts that you order by using PartSmart as part of your equipment rental management software. PartSmart allows you to access the details, pricing, replacement history and diagrams of parts, and helps you search an entire catalogue to find the models and on which diagrams a part is used. You can also customize your parts display by searching part numbers and looking at correlating illustrations.

Go ahead and buy that John Deere:

Dealer management software, with accounting as part of the package, helps you with retail floor planning, or inventory financing, so that you can afford the loan to purchase that latest piece of farm equipment or that state-of-the-art snow blower and then factor in the price of financing into your sales price.

Combine your fields:

Online sales are also a possibility with dealer management software. It’s easy to integrate your catalogue and in-store point of sale procedures onto your website by adding a shopping cart for transactions. Some software dealers will also offer a template for your website to make the transition to online that much easier.

For more information on how to get your store integrated with online sales, read our blog 5 Ways Business Management Software Manages your Online Sales

Windward’s outdoor power equipment software offers everything you need to manage your store as smoothly as a well-oiled machine. We have developed our software with business owners in mind, so that all the parts fit.

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