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Switch On: 4 Ways Lighting Store Software Can Illuminate Your Business

Switch On: 4 Ways Lighting Store Software Can Illuminate Your Business
Lighting store software helps you keep track of your fixtures and bulbs.

Whether it’s that collection of classic Tiffany table lamps or those sleek, modern drum pendants, your lighting store showroom likely carries enough products that it could be seen from space. With such a vast array of stock on the floor and in the warehouse, as well as more than one store to manage, you need all-in-one business management.

That’s where a lighting store software program specifically designed to handle your showroom can help by keeping track of all your sales at the register along with managing your electricity bill and all back-room accounting. It also helps you track all of your fixtures, from wall sconces to track lighting and even specific light bulbs, making inventory that much easier.

Here are 4 ways lighting store software can light up your life:

  1. How many light bulbs does it take?

    Your customer has just purchased a 6-light hanging fixture that uses specific-sized LED bulbs. With fully integrated lighting store software, you can store information and print an invoice that will automatically add the correct number and type of light bulbs needed for that specific fixture.

  2. Cast some light:

    Anyone who has been to a lighting showroom knows how many types and styles of fixtures are available. You need to make point of sale (POS) easy for your clients and yourself. With inventory POS software as part of your overall package, you can track numerous sources from a database, search by dimension, colour, and wattage, as well download orders and parts lists. This will help deliver customized service to your clients and their specific needs.

  3. Light up the room:

    Many lighting showrooms have building contractors and interior designers as clients. Meeting their needs is imperative to good business relations. When fixtures are being delivered to a job site, you need to be able to let the client know where they will be installed. Lighting store software allows all boxes to be labeled with specific descriptions, such as the room in which the fixture belongs.
    Shipping labels also state:
    • Job addresses
    • Fixture numbers
    • Descriptions
    • Light bulb(s) required

  4. Let there be light:

    If you run a franchise or have more than one showroom, and/or have a warehouse, you need to be able to share information. With multi store POS, all your stores are managed under the same umbrella. You can also share shipping dates and special orders with your warehouse, so that stock arrives both correctly and on time.

A member of the American Lighting Association, Windward representatives will be back at the Dallas International Lighting Show at the Dallas Market Centre in Texas, June 21 to 24. Windward will be among other industry experts to demonstrate their lighting store software with thousands of buyers and showroom owners who attend the show each January and June. Read our blog on our last visit to Dallas, where we Shed Light on Point of Sale Software.

Windward Software’s fully integrated lighting store software will help your showroom and warehouse with easier point of sale transactions, inventory control, multi store management, and much more.

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