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Do You Have the Best "Top Five" for Your Lighting Showroom?

Do You Have the Best
Since 2016, Windward has been SPECTRA Marketing Group’s exclusive provider of Business Management Software for Lighting Showroom Members.

American entrepreneur Jim Rohn once said, “We are the average of the five people we spend the most time with.”

The theory is that, whether we like it or not, we are greatly influenced by those closest to us. In other words, our “tribe” affects how we think about life and ourselves, our self-esteem, values and decisions.

So, that got us to thinking at Windward Software.

Who are the five closest organizations that we spend the most time with? Who do we want to be like?

That’s when the light bulb went on.

Definitely, when it comes to the Lighting Showroom industry, SPECTRA Marketing Group is in our top five.

After all, who wouldn’t want to be like SPECTRA?

SPECTRA Marketing Group is part of NMG (New Market Group) which operates and manages a diversity of enterprises within varied marketplaces. Over 750 distributors and retailers across North America representing $9 billion in annual sales revenue are Members of NMG-managed groups.

With 40 years of successful management experience, NMG delivers significant profitability to its Members as they build sales & market share for their Supplier Partners.

As the lighting industry arm of NMG, SPECTRA provides industry leadership to focus the sales and marketing activities of their Members onto supplier partners who offer SPECTRA Members customized programs.

For example, Windward Software has a marketing incentive for SPECTRA Members when they choose our top-rated Lighting Showroom solution.

Access to a range of supplier programs delivers significant revenue and profitability to SPECTRA Members. In return, access to this exclusive members group helps build the sales and market share for SPECTRA Supplier Partners like Windward Software.

It’s a win-win-win solution, that ultimately benefits the consumer as well, with more selection and better pricing on their lighting choices: what’s not to love?

However, another reason SPECTRA makes our Top Five is much more simple:

They like us – and let’s face it, we like them, too. We work well together!

In fact, since 2016, Windward has been SPECTRA Marketing Group’s exclusive Lighting Showroom Business Management Software for Members.

Windward System Five, our flagship solution, is a fully integrated point-of-sale, accounting and inventory management software package that seamlessly conducts the critical, complex business processes unique to the Lighting Showroom industry.

All purchases of Windward System Five software and advanced support, including Licensing, Maintenance Plans, Implementation Plans, and On-site Consulting Services, are part of our SPECTRA marketing incentive program.

Best of all, Windward’s Lighting Showroom Technology Package helps business owners to quickly realize a return on their software investment.

With SPECTRA reaching out to their Members on our behalf, not only can we reach more Lighting Showrooms, but we can help make their Lighting businesses run so much better than they thought possible.

Because that’s what we do best.

In fact, one newer Lighting Showroom client recently told us that within a few months of implementing Windward System Five, he and his wife were finally able to take a vacation together for the first time in their 15 years in business.

What makes Windward System Five Lighting Showroom Software so powerful?

Windward System Five is built on 34 years of experience working directly with Lighting Showroom businesses to create innovative industry solutions through our in-house custom development team.

Here's what Lighting Showroom owners have told us they struggle with:
⇒ trouble with special orders and managing deliveries accurately
⇒ tracking the retail business separately from the contractor side
⇒ dealing with multiple software packages to run the business         
⇒ spending many evening and weekend hours at their desks

After switching to Windward, here’s what they tell us they love:
♥ amazing special order features designed for the lighting industry
♥ advanced label and tag printing with room locations
♥ industry integrations (XOLogic, LightsAmerica)
♥ web integrations (24Seven Commerce, Shopify, Amazon, Magento, and more)
♥ simple-to-manage ordering and delivery
♥ easy tracking of inventory and profits in multiple business locations
♥ SPECTRA Marketing Group’s Member benefits

Windward Software is proud to count SPECTRA Marketing Group as one of our “Top Five” partner organizations, as per Jim Rohn’s legendary philosophy.

At Windward, we surround ourselves with partners like SPECTRA Marketing Group, because they help us get better, improve our skills, and become more wise as we continue to deliver solutions to complex Lighting Showroom challenges.

If you are a Lighting Showroom owner, please contact us today and ask us how we can help get your business lit up with the best lighting showroom business management software solution on the market today: +1 (800) 663-5750.

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