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What Matters Most to Your Prospects at the End of the Day?

What Matters Most to Your Prospects at the End of the Day?
80 Percent of Success is Showing Up

There’s an old saying in business that has fallen off the radar in recent times:

“Suit Up and Show Up.”

At Windward Software, we may be a little old fashioned, but this saying still matters more to us than keeping up with modern slang, emojis, or appealing to a certain demographic that is “cool.”

So, how’s this “old-timey” principle working for us?

Pretty darn well, apparently – and here’s proof:

One of our business developers recently spoke with a prospect who was shopping around for new business software to run her automobile parts and restoration business.

Here’s what she told us:

“Windward is in our Top Five because 80% of the companies I contacted never got back to me. Not by email nor phone.

But you called me back every time, right away.

If I can’t get someone to respond to a sales call, how will they be when we’re actually doing business?”


The difference is, at Windward Software, it’s not just our Sales Team that will call you back right away.

Our entire company is committed to delivering fast, in-person responses – 24/7 – to prospects and clients.

That’s why we opened a full-service office in Cebu, Philippines in 2008, with Customer Support and programmers to complement our main support from Western Canada. So that we can solve our customers’ challenges immediately and in person, no matter where they live in the world.

But in the end, you can ditch the suit and just show up, period.

Because no matter how good the marketing looks, the real value is in the human experience of a company; in other words, how they actually show up.

Here are 5 reasons why experts say Showing Up should be the part of every business owner’s plan:

1. Research shows that 70% of communication is non-verbal. Showing up is about aligning the 30% of what is being communicated verbally (on the phone) with the 30% we’re telegraphing physically (by being a real person on the other end of the phone) and the 40% we’re communicating energetically.

2. Showing up creates a unified, attracting message for our prospects and customers. It says, “You matter” - with no contradictions, so the other person feels the message, not just the words. In other words, they TRUST us.

3. Showing up is about standing up for what you believe is right and doing the right thing.

4. Showing up demonstrates that you value your business and the benefits it brings to your customers and offers to your prospects.

5. Showing up is not about “being nice.” It’s about genuinely caring about and treating others with respect – whether they are your customer, your prospect, or your co-workers.

But, did you know: showing up is always a two-way street.

Here’s the bottom line:

At Windward Software, we value it when our customers show up for us, too!

By trusting us enough to purchase our software.

Then implementing it.

And continuing to push through challenges and really get Windward System Five working well for them and doing what it was designed to do: show up and help you run your business!

If you have any questions about Windward Software, your Account Manager or a Business Developer are ready and willing to show up for you.

Reach us at +1 (800) 663-5750 or click here to book an appointment to discuss your business needs.

It’s sounds corny, but we really are “Here for you.”

Whether you’re already a customer, or are thinking of joining the Windward community.

Let’s chat soon – in real life: any time, any day, any place, 24/7.

We'll always show up if you do!


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