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It's Time to Play Your Favorite Game Show!

It's Time to Play Your Favorite Game Show!

Please have your buzzers ready.

Hello everyone! Now entering the studio, please welcome back, from our previous program, the three contestants who have battled valiantly to this point, and whose scores are very close.

Ethel hails from Chicago, is the owner of a successful equipment rental business and likes to dance the Cha Cha. Next, Bernice from Barrie, Ontario, is the operator of a sporting goods store and likes to golf. And, finally, Fred, a Los Angeles native who owns a chain of liquor stores and is a fan of the movie, 'Over The Top'.

Now, let's get right to it. Contestants, are you ready to play "Name That Business Management Solution!"?

The first question today is: "This software product provides businesses with complete functionality, including accounting, inventory management, CRM, reporting and point-of-sale. For $1,200, what is the name of this leading end-to-end solution?"

<Buzz> Fred: "Is it TPS Reports?"

No, I'm sorry, Fred. That's incorrect.

<Buzz> Ethel: "Is it Windward System Five?"

Yes, THAT'S CORRECT! Windward System Five is the software solution that gives business owners everything they need to run their business in one package, on one data set. No pairing third-party applications here!

Hands on your buzzers, it's time for the next question.

"For $2,000, which notable software company, founded in 1984, has offices in Canada, The US, Australia and the Philippines, serves over 4,000 business clients and provides live 24/7 customer support?"

<Buzz> Fred: "Is it Initech Software?"

No, Fred, that's incorrect.

<Buzz> Bernice: "It has to be Windward Software!"

YES! Windward Software is the RIGHT ANSWER! Way to go, Ethel!

Well, that's all the time we have for today. Be sure to tune in next time for another exciting episode of "Name That Business Management Solution!"

If you're not yet a customer of Windward Software, you can find out more about Windward System Five and even schedule a complimentary product demonstration by contacting Windward's Business Development department at +1 (800) 663-5750.

So long for now, folks!
Billy Bailey
Host of "Name That Business Management Solution"

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