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The Story of Cowboy Windward

The Story of Cowboy Windward

The Man Behind The Mystery

Cowboy Windward, born "Alistair Cobb", grew up in the badlands of Nevada, to his parents Erma and Jackson Cobb. He took to the cowboy lifestyle at a young age, emulating his father who was a champion rodeo rider and part-time ranch hand.

Tragically, Alistair's parents died in a covered wagon accident when he was a young age, leaving him to fend for himself as he wasn't blessed with any siblings.

Despite the hardships he faced, Alistair worked tirelessly and put together enough savings to buy a small ranch by the age of twenty-two.

In his spare time, Alistair played the banjo as well as the guitar and soon found that he could make a pretty penny by holding performances around the rural west. He developed quite a following and it wasn't long before he met his future wife, Wanda.

Once married, Alistair and Wanda decided to open a business that rented farm and ranch equipment. However, they discovered that managing the business without a useful software solution was darn near impossible.

This challenge is what led Alistair to discover Windward Software and its flagship product, Windward System Five. Alistair was pleased with the service he received from Windward and soon was delighted to observe that System Five took care of every aspect of their business. In fact, based on this experience, Alistair was the first person to coin the Windward slogan, "It helps you run your business, not just report on it!"

Given all of the extra time Alistair now had due to the incorporation of System Five into his business, he began to spend more time writing and playing music. Soon he had several hits and was adored by many fans.

Interviewers would often ask him the secret of his success, and he would immediately answer, "Why System Five, of course! It gave me the peace of mind and freedom needed to focus on my music."

Soon, Alistair's once-modest farm and ranch equipment rental business generated enough profits for him to purchase a large guest ranch, which he operates to this day.

In addition, as Alistair's fame and wealth grew, he began to consider the source of his success more and more, and eventually decided to officially change his name to "Cowboy Windward". And, even his wife took the "Windward" name, and is now known as "Wanda Windward"!

Now, in addition to working his ranch and completing musical performances, Cowboy Windward goes town to town to spread the word of Windward Software and System Five, inspiring business owners of all sizes that they too can experience successes like his.

And now a word from Cowboy Windward himself:

"Howdy, folks. If you're a business owner that provides some form of sales, service or rentals, well then, by gum, you need to contact Windward Software. Their System Five software will generate more business efficiency, increased profits and, most importantly, more time to spend how you like."

"Why not contact one of the Windward Business Developers and schedule a free demo of the software and a review of your specific requirements? Call +1 (800) 663-5750 and they will be happy to help you. Don't let this cattle drive get away on you!"

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