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Discover The Windward Learning Academy

Discover The Windward Learning Academy

If you haven't yet experienced the Windward Learning Academy, here's what you need to know about this amazing educational tool that all Windward customers have access to, absolutely free.

What is the Windward Learning Academy?

The Windward Learning Academy (or simply, "The Academy") is a self-study online learning portal for Windward customers as well as Windward staff.

What content will I find on the Windward Learning Academy?

• Over 1,500 training videos and 3,400 pages of documentation are collated and organized for easy access inside the Windward Learning Academy.

• From this content, Customized Learning Plans are provided to each new customer to keep the learning relevant and sequential and to avoid overwhelming the user.

• New learning content is created in-house for any new software features and products, important updates, and additional new information that benefits our users.

• On-demand access to a year's worth of previous weekly Implementation Webinars.

What is the Windward Learning Academy designed to do?

There are five key objectives:

1. Educate new customers on how to use Windward System Five.

2. Keep our customers up-to-date on new products, features and software upgrades.

3. Allow our customers to administer ongoing education and cross-training for their own staff.

4. Educate specific roles within a business via Customized Learning Plans.

5. Gradually release more advanced information and features as customers master Windward System Five.

As part of my initial purchase of Windward Software, what's included?

• A Customized Self-Study Learning Plan containing tutorials and resources is delivered through the Windward Learning Academy secure website.

• An ADMINISTRATOR is assigned within your company, to give your own staff access to additional Windward Learning Academy content - on your own terms.

• Pre-set Learning Plans for specific roles can be assigned, based on job duties. For example, video training and documents are available on inventory management, end-of-month accounting, or touch-screen training for new front line staff.

We recognize that greater use of System Five is directly aligned with increased knowledge; especially given that our software does so much, and is so adaptable to the user's needs.

That's why your investment in Windward Software is supported by a strong, ongoing educational component that includes the Windward Learning Academy.

Please contact your Account Manager today to ensure you are getting the most out of The Academy: +1 (800) 663-5750.

And if you're not a Windward System Five user yet, please reach out to our Business Development team today see how Windward can help you actually run your business, not just report on it.

Call +1 (800) 663-5750 or click here to book a demonstration of our proven business management software.

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