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How to Grow Your Business By Flipping a Switch

How to Grow Your Business By Flipping a Switch

Everyone knows that if you’re in a train and it needs to go north instead of west, someone has to flip a switch on the railway line when the time is right.

It doesn’t matter what you are transporting: the switches are central to a system that organizes hundreds of different trains and guides them safely, accurately and consistently to their proper destinations.

In the same way, Windward Software relies on internal switches that we call, “Soft Switches” or "Toggles," built into our Windward System Five business management software to configure how the software is used in your business.

Based on our experience in each vertical market we serve, coupled with your own operational preferences, we apply soft switches to optimally customize your System Five software to your business – without the need for a professional programmer.

Soft switches also allow you, as a business owner, to turn on increasingly useful and valuable features in your System Five software as you progressively learn more and your business grows.

Plus, your Windward Account Manager will be ever-present to help you select the right switches at the right time.

Remember, these features are already available inside of your software.

As you can see, growing your business, and making it more effective and efficient, can literally be as simple as flipping a switch.

If you are a Windward Software customer, we encourage you to please call your Account Manager to discuss which switches could provide the best opportunities for your business: +1 (800) 663-5750. In addition, it should be noted that some soft switches are provided at an additional fee and it is important to discuss all options with your Account Manager before they are implemented.

And if you’re not yet a Windward customer, call us or click below to book an appointment to speak with our Business Development team and receive a guided demonstration of how Windward System Five can provide the means to facilitate long-term growth for your business.

At Windward, we help your business stay on track to reach its destination safely, accurately and consistently.

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