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Prepare for the Springtime Rush

Prepare for the Springtime Rush


Howdy Folks! It's your friend Cowboy Windward here!

I'd like to talk to you about one my favorite seasons: Spring. And with springtime comes the opening of Garden Centers, something I look forward to, as I enjoy dressing up the outdoors of my ranch with the wonders of nature.

But I have to tell you: from working with a lot of Garden Centers in my role as the Windward Software spokesperson, a lot of these enterprises are not preparing adequately for the season. Either they're not yet a Windward System Five customer or they're not using the system to its full capability.

Did you know that Windward System Five contains a comprehensive Promotions module, that permits business owners to easily develop customer rewards initiatives, including coupons, point programs and gift cards? This functionality makes customers come back time and time again as they feel appreciated and have an opportunity to obtain the greatest possible value.


If you're not yet a System Five customer then now is the time to speak to a member of our Business Development team to schedule a complimentary and interactive online system demonstration. Call us at +1 (800) 663-5750 and we'll be glad to help.

System Five can help your Garden Center team be much more efficient, increase your operation's profitability, and quickly establish greater customer satisfaction with such tools as "line-busting" and "potting up".

The dam is about to break with a rush of customers in the next month or so and you need to be fully prepared to ensure that you are delivering the best quality service and applying as much accuracy as possible. Windward currently serves hundreds of satisfied Garden Center businesses and we can help you become the leader in your respective market too!

Please click here to read more about how we work with Garden Centers and to download a brochure for further information.

Folks, with the onset of warmer weather I'm developing Spring Fever! I'm excited to visit my local Garden Center to get started on my flower beds too!

Until next time,

Cowboy Windward

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