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The Key to Maximizing Sales Opportunities

The Key to Maximizing Sales Opportunities

Discover the Power: The System Five CRM.

One of the reasons our flagship business management software solution, Windward System Five, is a leader in multiple industries is its powerful Customer Relationship Management module (or “CRM”).

This CRM is leaps and bounds above your average client tracking application: it's powerful nature makes it easy to track client information and history. This not only makes for a smoother, more satisfying customer experience, but also increases a business' selling and marketing opportunities.

In fact, you're able to add new clients on the fly in a matter of moments, which is great for warranty purposes and increasing your mailing list.

Once this information is in the System Five database, you'll be able to track a client's name, address, phone number, e-mail address, web address, tax codes, price schedules, contact names, warning comments, appointments, --pause for breath-- lookup words, vehicles, and other bits of important data.

Edit Existing Contacts

You can edit an existing client account if you need to update an address or phone number. And the purchase history is right there to assist with a current sale. If they want to buy a vacuum cleaner bag and you need to know which model they bought, you can easily access this info.

Searching for an existing contact is also straightforward: just start typing the client name and it will instantly appear. If you have several contacts starting with the same letters, clicking on the 'Find Customer' button will enable you to search for a client using the contact search screen, as used in all other areas of Windward System Five.

Tax Codes

This CRM even takes care of tricky tax codes. In the event you are selling into different states or counties you may need to collect the taxes and pass them onto the correct authorities. With this innovative CRM, simply set up a series of tax tables for each area and then attach a customer or invoice to ensure you charge the correct tax rate.

Additional System Five CRM functionality includes, but is not limited to:

  • Easily create and edit customer accounts
  • Search customer information and history
  • Market effectively with e-mail lists
  • Set client price levels
  • Stay organized with appointments and reminders
  • Provide a personalized level of service
  • Link to Word, Excel or other document types

Let's face it: the array of easy-to-use features in this CRM is flabbergasting and there isn't enough space here to go through all of them. Instead we encourage you to contact our Business Development team at +1 (800) 663-5750 or by clicking the button below to schedule a demonstration of the system. This will provide you with a personalized opportunity to gain a true sense of the potential this solution has for your business.

In addition, Windward Software will be hosting a free training webinar on our CRM module on Tuesday, April 24, 2018 from 1:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m. PDT. Everyone is welcome to join! Click here to register.

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