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Serving Businesses that Sell, Service or Rent

Serving Businesses that Sell, Service or Rent
Windward System Five is used by over 4,000 businesses across numerous industries.

Founded in 1984, Windward Software has been helping businesses of all sizes as they grow and improve their sales, service and rental operations with our signature business management software, Windward System Five.

Windward System Five is one of only a handful of truly integrated business management software solutions available on the market today: providing point-of-sale, inventory management, CRM, reporting, and accounting – all on one database. Each of these elements are updated, supported and backed up simultaneously.

We’re proud of the fact that System Five now runs in over 4,000 businesses around the world, facilitating better business management, long-term business expansion and improved profitability.

Our leading software solution has been designed to meet the specific requirements of numerous industries (or “vertical markets”). When a new customer signs on with Windward Software, our team works closely with each client to determine the optimal set of system features needed to best run their respective business. This is deployed by applying a series of functionality “soft switches” to ensure that System Five is customized and optimally configured for the customer’s needs and vertical market requirements.

Windward Software primarily sells directly to a total of 18 vertical markets, as identified in the following table.

Simply put, if you own or operate a business that sells, services or rents, then Windward System Five is an excellent fit for your enterprise. Contact our Business Development team at +1 (800) 663-5750 to schedule a complimentary system demonstration that will be personalized to your business's needs.

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