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We're Here For You and Your Business: A Message From Windward in Regards to COVID-19

We're Here For You and Your Business: A Message From Windward in Regards to COVID-19

To Our Valued Customers, 

During this unprecedented time, it is important to continue to connect with you. My first Windward Software COVID-19 message was sent to you on March 13th. Since then, much has changed globally, nationally and locally for all of us. 

Everyone at Windward Software wants you to know that our thoughts are with you and with those whose lives have already been altered by this virus: your communities, families, businesses and employees. This is a crisis that calls upon all of us to lean into the greatest global challenge we have seen in our lifetime. As leaders, it means making our most difficult decisions quickly that protect people and businesses for the long term.

I am reaching out again to you to assure you that we continue to be here for you and your business. We are thinking about you and how you must be challenged at this time. We are with you. Some businesses are currently closed. Some are awaiting financial aid or hunkering down waiting for this situation to pass. Some are operating at reduced staffing levels. Some are seeing more activity in their business than ever before due to the essential nature of some products and services. Our hearts go out to all of you and your people.  We are in this together: that fact cannot be more obvious.   

All Windward Software people including our entire Customer Care Team are working from home. If you need System Five support, please call us or send us an email as per the contact information below. Someone will help you. If you need guidance on how to access your System Five software from home, call us. We will continue to do our best to help ease any software related challenges. 

If it is at all possible for people in your business to take some time to learn new things and be stronger when this is over, I encourage you and your people to visit our online Academy. It is available to you and your employees from anywhere provided you have an internet connection: 

Please remember that you can visit our  Online Help Center for answers to How To questions or general software self-help:

Visit the Online Help Centre

Also note last week we have implemented an auto-attendant for our phone system.  We expect it to route your calls more effectively and efficiently. If you experience any challenges using the new routing system, please send an email to

Many of you are sharing stories of the innovative ways you continue to conduct business: from offering call-in or online ordering with pickup curbside/outside services, to adding delivery services that might utilize online delivery services like Uber/Lyft or even adding delivery personnel where possible. These are stories of innovation and creativity when we really need it. Please keep sharing your business continuity stories. They can help others in a similar situation and that is so much appreciated.  

In a similar vein, if you would be interested in taking part in a  COVID-19 Focus Group with other Windward Software customers please send an email to Type COVID19 FOCUS GROUP in the subject line. The intent would be for everyone to share best practices, business continuity ideas and share how you might take advantage of any government assistance programs. Depending on interest we will have more info to come on that. 

I will close by saying that with all our hearts we thank you for serving your communities in this time of need. If you are staying home to help flatten the curve, we thank you. If you are part of a business that must remain open to serve customers, we thank you and be safe. One thing I know from working with Windward Software customers, you are strong, smart, resilient entrepreneurs. We will be even stronger on the other side of this crisis. 

May you and those close to you remain safe.  
Erna Hansen 
General Manager 

Windward Software Systems Inc. 

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