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Keep Your Staff Safe and Efficient: The Power of Pick Lists during COVID-19

Keep Your Staff Safe and Efficient: The Power of Pick Lists during COVID-19
Business management software that creates efficiency and safety during COVID-19

Walking down the street these days feels a little bizarre, doesn’t it? We live in unprecedented times where everything seems like it is at a standstill, but we know that doesn’t mean that your business is too. You are probably wondering how to make money AND service the community and your customers AND keep your employees safe. By offering servicelike curbside pick-ups, deliveries, or moving to ‘no or low touch’ customer interactions over the phone or online, you need reliable business software that helps you adapt and pivot appropriately.

This is where Windward Software comes in: namely, with our Pick List functionality.

We know that it can be difficult to feel organized right now. You’re likely feeling grateful that your business is continuing to run, but you’re worried about the repercussions for your product management and inventory counts after these hectic days are behind us.You may also be worried about keeping your employees safe and healthy while they continue to work and fulfill orders.

Thankfully, the Pick Lists tool can alleviate much of your worry.

Efficiency at Your Fingertips

One of the most important parts of overcoming the challenges of ‘no or low touch’ customer interactions like curbside pick-ups and deliveries is that your business software ensures that the customer gets the correct products in their order, especially to limit returns or further increase the number of customer interactions. This is especially important when practicing safe social distancing.

Pick Lists allow for easy order verification.  This module displayand/or prints the customer’s information, product quantities, descriptions, part numbers, and stock locations for easy picking.

Using the Pick Slip Check (as detailed in the video above), your staff can easily select the correct products by using a data collector to scan each product to verify that they’ve been accurately picked. Can your business software ensure that your staff is picking products correctly? Can it also keep your inventory totals organized in real time? Can it pivot and adapt with your business and employee needs? Windward System Five does.

Pick Lists integrate the process of creating and picking orders seamlessly. Even when it may feel like your products are flying off the shelves, you can keep up with the demand of a world afflicted by a pandemic and keep your employees and customers safe.

Windwards business management software has many tools tenhance your efficiency, because we know that, especially during times like these, it’s important that you can be of service to as many customers as possible.

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