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Smooth Out Supply Chain Disruptions with Alternate Suppliers

Smooth Out Supply Chain Disruptions with Alternate Suppliers

You’ve done all the hard work to build relationships with your vendors and suppliers, but now you need the right tool to help you navigate tough situations, like unstablsupplchain conditions.Of course, these are beyond your control; however, having flexible software can help you keep supply chain disruptions to a minimum.

Windward Software gets it: you may have already started adapting your business to the changing times by fulfilling orders online, over the phone, or by curbside pick-up, but you’re still limited by the ability of your suppliers to provide you with the products you sell.

It’s why we have included tools to help combat these supply chain disruptions through the use of alternate suppliers. The best part? This can be done without changing your purchasing workflow while keeping your item level reporting intact.

All you have to do to get started is to list the supplier name, part number, and cost. You’ll be able to switch the preferred vendor status as market conditions fluctuate, even after the impact on the supply chain of the COVID-19 pandemic peters off.

Simply run your required orders report to see your different vendor options and pivot your purchasing as the situation requires. The entire process is simple and streamlined for a reason, and we have introduced tools like this to help you:

  • Take advantage of a discount or an incentive
  • Pivot with changes and disruptions in the supply chain
  • Provide faster service to your customers, no matter how you’re fulfilling orders

Help ensure your customers get the products they need from you when they need them the most.

Software solutions at your fingertips: it’s what we do.

Call us at 1 (800) 663 5750 to see how Windward can help.

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