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Delivery as a Service is a Business Essential

Delivery as a Service is a Business Essential

Offering delivery as a service is an essential component to any business these days.Managing these deliveries takes a great deal of human capital, and you need a way to appropriately schedule, handle the logistics of building the loads, and accurately get your goods and services to the right people at the right time.

With Windward’s Integrated Delivery Scheduler, it’s easy to keep track of your deliveries and the status of each load. Not only does this make for a smoother, more satisfying customer experience, it’ll also free up time that you can spend increasing your sales and marketing efforts.

Here’s a sample of some of Windward Software’s Delivery tools:

  • Deliveries can be scheduled at time of sale, or added to a work order at any time
  • Check availability and set delivery days directly from point of sale
  • Delivery requests transfer directly onto the delivery scheduler
  • Print role based reports such as Delivery Driver and Load Builder reports
  • Delivery coordinator can organize deliveries by load type, vehicle and/or personnel
  • Prioritization of deliveries with time considerations
  • Color coordination of different load types
  • Delivery specific notations can be added
  • images/System_Five_on_Cloud_Logo.png

This delivery scheduling function is included with an implementation of Windward System Five on Cloud.So, let’s strengthen your customer service by offering delivery services in your business.

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