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Don’t Make Them Wait: Speed Up Sales and Customer Interactions with Windward Software’s Quick Sale Touch Screen

Don’t Make Them Wait: Speed Up Sales and Customer Interactions with Windward Software’s Quick Sale Touch Screen

As seasonal businesses begin to open and some now have recognized “essential” status, we understand the need for seamless customer interactions, so we wanted to “touch” on some useful touch screen features that apply to all industries. Windward Software’s Quick Sale/touch screen interface is particularly useful in high volume, mobile, checkout lane, and even curbside pick-up situations.

It’s good to be busy, but sometimes you need to do some ‘line busting’ to ensure that both your customers and staff are happy. Thankfully, with Windward’s Quick Sale/touch screen feature, there are several ways to keep the line moving during these busy times:

  • Add customers quickly by scanning their ID, a loyalty card, or use customer lookup for returning patrons
  • Make quick sales with our fully customizable push button interface, or simply by scanning product barcodes
  • Keep organized by color coding, designing menus, or adding product pictures

You can even utilize a tablet to “pre-check” customers as they wait in line, and ‘park’ their invoice for the cashier to recall at the till, finalize the transaction, and collect payment.

The touch screen interface can also play a part in helping your customers and staff adhere to social distancing guidelines as this feature, along with product scanning, ensures a ‘no touch’ interaction with your customers.

In addition to social distancing, the overall safety of your employees is no doubt paramount to you and the wellbeing of your business: our touch screen interface helps to promote this by eliminating the need to lift heavy or oversized items.

What would quicker sales and customer interactions mean to your business? What if your employees could stay organized, safe, and facilitate a seamless customer journey?All the above are possible with our Quick Sale/touch screen functionality.

The Quick Sale/touch screen is another feature of our fully integrated business management software solution. Windward System Five on Cloud: designed to help you run your business instead of just reporting on it.

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