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Why You Should Implement Barcode Scanning in your Business

Why You Should Implement Barcode Scanning in your Business

Windward Software’s inventory control software provides comprehensive, easy-to-use barcoding solutions that streamline everything from point of sale to receiving to stock counts

Although the obvious use for barcodes is at the checkout counter to help speed throughput and thereby improve the customer’s experience, they also save significant time in other business management applications.

Reduce Errors and Shrinkage | Simplify Purchasing | Audit Receiving | Track Customer Equipment | Work Order Recall | Technician Time Tracking | Inventory and Cycle Counts  | Time Cards | Expedite Returns

Take a look at this weeks video to find out more:

It's not just about efficiency

For many businesses, data entry errors at point of sale and receiving are a significant source of unnecessary costs, and all the other problems related to them:

  • Unhappy customerMisplaced orders
  • Stock errors
  • Extra freight costs
  • Wasted manpower

Implementing an inventory control system that utilizes Barcoding can help eliminate errors, increase customer satisfaction, and save you time.

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