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Adapt to Today’s Market Dynamics with a Business Efficiency Check-in

Adapt to Today’s Market Dynamics with a Business Efficiency Check-in

There might not be a magic button that will save the day, but the Business Efficiency Check-in from the Windward Professional Services Catalog can help you identify a few areas to squeeze more out of your software.  

Here's an example of this in action: Marine Repair Shop purchased Windward System Five for its inventory management functions. Through consultations with Professional Services, they found that they could use our Technician Tracking feature, which ended up increasing billable time by 25%. They essentially ROI'd their entire Windward investment in just 2.5 months using a feature that they didn't even know existed prior to purchase.  There are countless features that can be uncovered with just a bit of consultation.

Our goal is to continuously provide value-added products and services that enhance and grow your business. We can work with you and your employees to identify ways to achieve business objectives and work more effectively and efficiently. 

When your employees are happy, your customers are happy!

When you purchase the Business Efficiency Check-in, one of our Professional Services Specialists will dive into the following areas to make recommendations that will help you adapt to today’s market dynamics and freshen up your best practices:

  • Point of Sale
  • Inventory Management
  • Accounting

Get the most out of your ERP,


Call your account manager if you would like to get the Business Efficiency Check-in service started from our Professional Services Catalog.Request a Free Consultation

Resources included for current customers

Searchable self-help is available to quickly find a topic, or alternately you can check out the Windward Software Wiki.

There are also courses available in the Windward Learning Academy which should lay down a great base of knowledge for you.

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