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Master Accounting Without Looking Like an Amateur (even if you are)

Master Accounting Without Looking Like an Amateur (even if you are)

With mid-year financial reporting fresh in your mind, you may have discovered some things in your business that you would like to know more about.  In this week's blog we're going to point you towards some resources that are available with your maintenance contract and also offer some advanced help via our Professional Services Catalog.


  • Freshen up your best practices
  • re-familiarize yourself or your accounting person
  • Discover the most pertinent reports for your business
  • Get the most out of the accounting in Windward System Five



Resources for current customers.



Searchable self-help is available to quickly find a topic, or alternately you can check out this newly revised Wiki link for some guidance.

There is also the Accounting Quick View course in the Windward Learning Academy which should lay down a great base of knowledge for you.


Call your account manager if you prefer to choose the Accounting Role-Based plan or the Reporting plan from our Professional Services Catalog.


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