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Simplify Dimensional Inventory Using Z-Sheets

Simplify Dimensional Inventory Using Z-Sheets


Often customers require one of your products with a custom length and/or width.  Think about carpeting, or plywood, sheet metal, or even fabric.  Likewise, there are many products that would be cut to length such as moulding, chain or cabling, steel products, etc.

Rather than making hundreds of SKUs to accommodate all of the size variables known to man, (bogging down your reports, and muddying the waters when it comes to replenishing that stock)  use one SKU and Windward's Z-Sheets functionality to accurately fulfill the order.



What are the benefits of using Windward System Five and its Z-sheet function?

  • Get the order right the first time
  • Eliminate manual calculations by using Z-Sheets to tally materials
  • Offer clear communication to the yard or warehouse crew as to what dimensions need to be cut OR selections to pull from stock
  • SKU consolidation
  • Factor in waste
  • Add cutting charges

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Call your account manager if you prefer to choose an Inventory Efficiencies or smilar plan from our Professional Services Catalog for help implementing Z-Sheets in your business.


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