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Popular Month End Routines You Can Start Using Today

Popular Month End Routines You Can Start Using Today


Accounting isn't everyone's favorite task, especially around the end of the month.  But the fact remains that end of Month accounting routines help ensure that mistakes are caught and corrected so that you have an accurate picture of your business's finances.

By following a regular, documented routine each month, you won't let anything slip through the cracks and you will demonstrate to the company's auditors that you've followed correct accounting procedures.


Keeping a good routine allows you to catch the following:

  • overpayments
  • bank errors
  • incorrect customer payments


Windward has you covered with end of month routines that will save time

Stay Organized with Month End Lists:

  1. Reconcile all clearing accounts (Cash Clearing, Paid Out Clearing, etc), and record any depreciation and other expenses in the General Ledger.
  2. Run Test Proof and if necessary the Integrity Checks.
  3. Print reports such as the Inventory Value, Aged A/R, Aged A/P, Trial Balance, Balance Sheet, Income Statement, sales reports, etc.
  4. Advance the Minimum Book Month.

Where to find more info:

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This webinar covers Month End Procedures:

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Windward Wiki Article with streamlined End Of Month Procedures and recommended reports.

Windward Wiki End of Month Procedures


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